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How Our DMV Licensed Online Traffic School Works

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Works on all computers, phones and tablets including Windows, IOS, OSX, Chrome & Android.

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DMV License E1313. 24 Hour Support @ 888-686-7859. Most affordable world-class online traffic school.

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We pick up the phone 24/7 so you never have to wait till the next day to get your question answered.

Electronic Submission

We electronically send your completion to the courthouse so you don't have to go back yourself.

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We submit completion certificates electronically direct to every court in California daily.

Keeps Your Progress

We keep your place in the course so when you log back in you pick back up where you left off.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us at 888-686-7859. Our email is [email protected].
The cost of the Easy Online Traffic School course, including submission and certificate, is $19.95. Payment is at the end, after chapter 12, payable with any major credit card. We have extra optional items available to purchase, but none are required; everything required is included in the $19.95.
Easy Online Traffic School is licensed and regulated by the California DMV. We have special access to submit your traffic school completion electronically to your courthouse through a system designed by the DMV. Your courthouse has to approve your traffic school certificate because the dmv needs to know if students have paid for their tickets or not. Assuming you have paid everything to the court, then the court will approve your completion. If you have not paid your fines then you need to pay the court and let us know so we can resubmit your completion to the court again. We do not charge anything to resubmit your certificate.
Our course is licensed by the California DMV and is accepted by all courts.. The Easy Online Traffic School license number is E1313.
Yes, you can log in and log out as often as you want, and the course always saves your work, and when you log back in, you are put back to where you left off so you can continue without losing any work. There is no need to block out time to do the traffic school. You can signup today and start the course tomorrow or next week, or you can just do the course all at once. It is up to you. When you signup, you create an account and get a username and password. With this, the course saves your spot, and you can log in to your account and always continue where you last left off.
The course is untimed; most students take between 2 to 4 hours to do the course. The 8-hour figure is derived from the time it would take to read the lesson out loud... but you are reading, and reading is faster than speaking. You can typically read the course in less time. Remember that this course is all review of the information you already know. We would compare reading the course to reading the DMV driver handbook, very simple but with some multiple choice and true/false questions thrown in.
If you are a commercial driver but were driving a non-commercial vehicle and the court has approved traffic school, yes, you can take the course and have a point masked from your record. You will have to call the DMV office of public safety after the court has processed your traffic school completion.
At the end of the course, there is an easy 25 question quiz that is all multiple choice and true/false. You can miss 7 questions and get 18 out of 25 right and pass the course. You can open the entire course in a browser tab, and you get two tries at passing. We have confidence you can pass a test where you can miss 7, have the entire course open and that all of the information is a review of what you already know and practice every day! We do not send your score to the DMV or to the court. If you do end up failing the course you can take another course from a different traffic school or start this course over from the beginning.
Wait 7 days, then call your courthouse to check on your completion. If the court says, they do not have your completion ask for their court code and have us re-send your completion to that court code. On signup, you choose your court, and next to the court, we list the court code, but on occasion, customers get confused about what court to pick and choose the wrong one. Some courts have an online system where you can check your completion. We are happy to resubmit your completion free of charge.
All traffic schools have to meet the same lesson and test requirements. Mostly the difference is just in cost. We provide everything for one price, we charge the most minimum price possible.
If you fight your ticket and lose, ask the judge to take traffic school.
When we submit your traffic school the first thing the court does is check to see if you have paid your ticket and traffic school admin fee. If you are on a payment plan or pay after you take traffic school notify us and we will resubmit your completion again after you have paid the court at no extra charge.
Your account will always remain active. You just need to complete the course before the due date the court gave you. If you need more time, ask your court for an extention.
Even if you didn't know anything about driving our course is like reading the dmv drivers handbook, you should be able to absorb enough of it to get through it. There is a final exam at the end of the course with 25 multiple choice and true/false questions but you can open the entire course in a new tab allowing you to look up the answer in the course text. You can miss 7 questions and still pass with a score of 18 of 25.

Tickets Masked from Records
Dollars in Auto Insurance Saved
Unsatisfied Customers
Years of Industry Experience
Online vs. In-Person Traffic School

Online traffic school is equivalent to in-person school but is much more manageable, cheaper, and fast. In-person traffic schools require you to be present for 8 hours exactly. Our online traffic school is precisely the same material as in-person. However, you get to read it, which is faster than a presenter can speak the material. This means that you can do Easy Online Traffic School at your own pace, on your own time, when it is convenient to you and get it out of the way faster.

Saves Your Place

You can also log in and log out of the course, and it saves your place as you go. If you need to run an errand or continue another day, that is no problem. The Easy Online Traffic School course is at your own pace and your own timeline as long as you finish it before your due date at the court. Usually, your due date is two to three months after you paid for your ticket. If you need more time, just ask your court for an extension.

A Finish Today Traffic School

If you want to, you can quickly finish Easy Online Traffic School today. We process your completion electronically to the court the same day.

The Best Online Traffic School

We work very hard to make Easy Online Traffic School the best traffic school on the list. We are open 24/7/365, so you can always call, and we are available. We email you your passing certificate as well as make it available to download. We have no mandatory extra charges. Our course is plain and clear without any gotcha questions. Since this is all review it will be an easy A for you!

Yes, Easy To Pass

We walk you through the course page by page, Easy Online Traffic School is as easy to pass as traffic school can be,

We Make it Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Ticket prices are outrageous and only go up as politicians look for more money to give their crony friends. If it is all we can do, at least this part is reasonable. No multi-million dollar stock portfolios from graft here!

8 Hour Traffic School

Our dmv licensed school is qualified as an 8 Hour Traffic School for California Tickets.