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Kiril  8/1/2019
It was very easy to understand and very straight forward. The quiz questions obviously reflected what I had read previously.

Samuel 8/1/2019
Simple Course Easy To Understand.

Ashley 7/30/2019
There are several spelling errors in the content of this course.

David 7/30/2019
The course was very thorough and a good reminder of all things involved with driving safely in our world.

Michael 7/27/2019
There are some typos ....no and units of measure error cu FT is not a length it is volume cubic..

Rebecca 7/26/2019
Thank you for the instruction, easy quizzes, and up-to-date material.

Janine 7/24/2019
Great course, great assistance. I would highly recommend! Thank you!

Rebecca 7/21/2019
Great course.

Jose 7/20/2019
Great Learning!

Jina 7/19/2019
In general, too repetitive and redundant. Very little was to the point Multiple typos - ie 1.6.2 re the full size car it says " length of the car is 3500lbs" when the word should be " weight". and others. Lots of statistics and numbers

Harold 7/19/2019
A good traffic school. Very Informative.

Viviana 7/17/2019
I learned additional information regarding vehicle codes. The statistical information provided is something I appreciate and will share with my family and friends. I also learned about how a blind person with a walking stick uses their senses to determine when to cross the street and signal to drivers when it is ok to drive through a cross walk. It was a very interesting and great course.

Deana 7/17/2019
Very thorough course !

Dulie 7/16/2019
I did not find a section with correct answers on the practice tests nor the final exam while doing this program on my cell phone. I only contacted the program for a question regarding my coupon code and was helped immediately!

Alexander 7/16/2019
Super easy and welcoming . Thank you !

Adebusola 7/15/2019
The course content was quite extensive and a good refresher

Patrick 7/13/2019
Thank you so much

Rick 7/13/2019
Great online traffic school. Had one issues customer support was quick and resolved my issues right away.

Al 7/12/2019
Unbelievable thanks

Aaron 7/12/2019
Thanks for the open book!! The course was affordable, "speedy" (Get it?? lol) and easy to review.

Joe 7/11/2019
Great feedback on the exam

Mohini 7/10/2019
Great course. Thank you.

Francesca 7/10/2019
Thank you for being available to answer question, for providing the ease of following this course.

Tanya 7/9/2019
On the weather page there is a typo

Anita 7/9/2019
This was pretty easy, thank you!

Karisa 7/9/2019
I was not provided the correct answer or reason for that answer on the final exam for questions missed.

Christopher 7/9/2019
Great course

Euphrat 7/9/2019
Great course! thank you for the reminders of safety on the road

Noe 7/8/2019
It was very helpful and not too difficult

Janal 7/8/2019
Great website. Very informative.

Benigno 7/8/2019

Megan 7/4/2019
The process took a long time but it was helpful.

Catherine 7/3/2019
This was convenient and i will print and drive safe

Paddy 7/2/2019
The lessons were very clear and easy to understand. Many of the rules and tips I had forgotten, so this was an excellent refresher course for me. I did not always use the audio, but it was most helpful to have, especially when my eyes got a little tired. Good job, Easy Online Traffic School!! Ill recommend you for sure!

Ludjmilla 7/2/2019
It was great and easy.

Mary 7/1/2019
Good course quick and efficient

Aimee 7/1/2019
This was a great refresher course! I wish I didnt have to get a ticket forcing me to take it.

Lisa 6/30/2019
The only thing that I had an issue with is I was asked a test question about commercial drivers being able to take drivers school and the subject did not come up until the next chapter. It is not a huge deal because I eventually learned about it, but the quiz asked before I learned about it. Otherwise I did learn things about California law and now know your rules better for the next time I visit your lovely state.

Richard 6/30/2019

Nghia 6/29/2019
My court code is 37480. I put in my case number. I think its too late to go back. Is there anything else Im missing? If there is, please call me at 858 260 4393 or email me at [email protected] thank you very much! Your course was very well made!

Rovi 6/29/2019
Great course, easy to follow and understand.

Juan 6/29/2019

Charles Kwai-hung 6/28/2019
Easy Online Traffic School has provided 12 easy understanding sections to study before final test. Thanks.

Lionel 6/28/2019
In section:

Nathan 6/27/2019
Wish there was a way to see the right answers in the final exam

Sarah 6/25/2019
Awesome, I learned alot!

David 6/24/2019
It wasnt real easy. Good job and worthwhile

Chereyl 6/23/2019
There were multiple typos within the course that I feel need to be looked at and corrected.

Raffaella 6/23/2019
This was great experience

James 6/22/2019
A concern I have: My full legal name is James Michael Dakis...above, it says Candidate Name: Dakis. My notice from the DMV shows my full legal name. Should this be corrected???

Mark 6/21/2019
Does this automaticly get sent to the DMV?

Yueyi 6/21/2019
Great customer service

Gregory 6/18/2019
This was a great course and I was surprised at some of the things I was not aware of regarding the laws.

Almina Giselle 6/18/2019
Convenient and easy to navigate. Thank you

Sabrina 6/17/2019
The questions in quizzes after each section seemed negligible and could have really covered or tested more of the material.

Mary 6/17/2019
The reader assist was helpful, some of the last sections did not have this option available.

Juan Antonio 6/16/2019
Great online traffic school!

Wail 6/16/2019
Excellent and informativ

Linda 6/14/2019
THANK YOU. I am not happy that I got a ticket; but I am thankful that I was able to go over this valuable information and have my ticket expunged. I really liked this course.

Carlos 6/14/2019
Easy fast and affordable definitely recommend

Raimie 6/12/2019
I was not able to view correct answers. I have not yet received everything I paid for, hopefully I will after this survey.

Mark 6/8/2019
The deal was amazing. I chose this school because of the 5 Star reviews. This course took about 2.5 hours to complete - because I took the time to READ each section completely. There were a few question I would have missed if I had gone completely over the material. I like the way some important things were covered in multiple sections because they were pertinent to different sections of the material. This was time well spent.

Pablo 6/7/2019
There are some obvious typographical errors that need to be found and corrected.

Tavelle 6/6/2019
It was wonderful easy and very informative

Oscar 6/4/2019
Great easy online school

Jay 6/4/2019
Good, easy to complete course. Comprehensive.

George 6/4/2019
Great easy to take, just took an hour, free electronic certificate sent to the court!

Brianna 6/3/2019
Easy and Satisfyied

Randy 6/1/2019
Very easy course

Rolando 6/1/2019
Clear and concise. Some grammar and spelling errors. But overall, it does the job.

Francisco 5/28/2019
The course was very helpful and easy to follow.

Bryan 5/27/2019
Payment instructions were difficult to understand.

Tammy 5/24/2019
I did not find a link to open to the lessons, for the open book quiz. This was stated in the information section, that there would be, as this would be an open book quiz!

Chi Fei 5/24/2019
No reminder about number of total lessons and where one is in terms of progress, like "completed 3 of 12 total lessons before final exam", only "finished part X of Lesson Y".

Rusel 5/23/2019
This was a very informative class. Very helpful support. I would take this particular course again but I will be careful driving now that I know all this information.

Larry 5/23/2019
Good course and well done.

Tracy 5/23/2019
Excellent review of the rules of driving and convenient way to take this class.

Mary 5/21/2019
Easy to access.

Thomas 5/20/2019
This course was very informable and I would recommend it to others

Christopher 5/20/2019
The test was easy enough

Emmanuel 5/20/2019
Good course that went straight to the point

Antonio 5/19/2019
Easy to follow and no hassle about paperwork needed to send to the court.

Edelmira 5/18/2019
Great online training that allows you to go back and continue where you left last.lots of interesting eye opening facts!

Vanessa 5/17/2019
The classes are very good

Alejandro Alex 5/16/2019
Very cool site. Easy!

Janie 5/15/2019
I really enjoyed the audio provide for the majority of the course. Thank you.

Ashley 5/15/2019
When taking the practice tests and the final test, when I got some wrong it did not provide me with the correct answer when it was a true or false question. Giving the correct answer when one is answered wrong would help a lot to know what is the right answer.

Jeffrey 5/14/2019
Good course

David 5/13/2019
Amazing experience. Made it very easy and navigational.

Maria De Jesus 5/11/2019
I spoke with someone regarding how to obtain the website to take the course. They were very helpful and nice.

Lawrence 5/11/2019
There are a few spelling errors throughout the course. Nothing that changes the meaning of things, but still errors.

Ronda 5/11/2019
This was a great course!

Ronda 5/11/2019
I would highly recommend! It was very easy to understand, and very easy to pass test. Thank you!

Mark 5/9/2019
Was helpful.

Keith 5/8/2019
A few typos here and there but good overall

Arnold  5/7/2019
Took a while but i understand that it is necessary to fully comprehend the material for future purposes.

Daniel 5/6/2019
Helpline was very courteous, finished in no time at all. Glad I took it.

Bianca 5/3/2019
There were a lot of typos in the materials

Jung 5/2/2019
Great course. Very easy to follow, informative, and beneficial.

Michael 5/2/2019
None. Thanks

Elmira 5/2/2019
No comments.

Diana 5/1/2019
EXCELLENT SERVICE AND Easy to learn and follow instructions in the course very educative.

Jarel 4/29/2019
Easy and fast

Anna 4/29/2019
There were a lot -- and a consistent amount -- of typos in the study guide, and one typo on a quiz. Also, the audio quality functionality needs *significant* improvement. I think it is a disservice to those who are vision-impaired. Otherwise, everything else was good. Thank you!

Jessica 4/29/2019
Thank you for this course. It was very efficient

Sheena 4/28/2019

Christian 4/28/2019
I might receive the correct answers in an email but on the last screen with my score, the two questions/answers marked incorrect did not have the correct answer signaled. No complaints otherwise.

Pedro 4/27/2019
This was a very comprehensive defensive driving course; I will definitely recommend

Nicole 4/27/2019
Great course!

Micheal 4/25/2019
Love this course!

Antonio 4/24/2019
Overall it was an easy to understand and follow course.

Thanh 4/24/2019
Test was great

Christopher 4/24/2019
Course was well made and got to the main points of a safe driver.

Monica 4/24/2019
Very helpful, thank you so much.

Lilia 4/23/2019
I was not provided with the correct answer during the final exam on the questions I got wrong.

Mostafa 4/23/2019
Amazing course

Mandii 4/22/2019
Very straightforward

Jesus 4/22/2019
Excellent course!

Stacey 4/21/2019
Great format and easy to follow. I would recommend this class to a friend.

Nirav 4/21/2019
Enjoyed this actually and very informative

Cherice 4/20/2019
Easy and straight to the point, highly recommend!

Sergio 4/19/2019
Great site and easy to follow instructions

Victor  4/18/2019
Best class ever.

Brandon 4/17/2019
Very flexible. thank you

Jean Philippe 4/17/2019
Thank you so much because you help me to learn something esle

Loretta 4/17/2019
I didn’t have a need to speak the instructor during my study time or after the test. Everything was pretty simple and self explanatory

Joshua 4/16/2019
Thank you very easy and I learned a lot

Kim 4/15/2019
This online class is very easy.

Michael 4/15/2019
The question that i got wrong was concerning the 4 second rule. I assumed that in all instances that an increased following distance would be advised. Im guessing that the correct answer was only when following a motorcycle. There was no indication as to the correct answer.

Jonathan 4/14/2019
It was helpful and I was able to do it on my own pace.

Alicia 4/13/2019
Good program

Mary 4/13/2019
Great exam!

Clifford 4/7/2019
It was a great refresher course for all the thiungs that become complcent

Natasha 4/5/2019
This course was thorough and professional! I like how it was divided into sections in a clear and concise way. It was also great for me to refresh my memory of the rules and regulations. Thank You!

Mary Michele Buendia 4/5/2019
Good course

Marina 4/4/2019
Very convenient, Thank you!!!

Denise 4/2/2019
Straight and to the point.

Ross 3/31/2019
Very Convenient. Thank you.

Jerald 3/27/2019
My favorite result of this course was that I immediately developed compassion for other drivers driving aggressively. You never know someones reason for being in a rush!

Denisse 3/26/2019
Great school. Easy directions to follow

Rietchel 3/25/2019
Great course!

Jose 3/24/2019
I was able to complete course on my iPhone with no problems. Hopefully I will not need to do it again but I will recommend to anyone needing traffic school.

Patrick 3/24/2019
Easy to follow and useful verbal class work

Bhavyata 3/23/2019
This was an excellent traffic online course.

Alicia 3/19/2019
Great course!

Norman 3/18/2019
Good course

Scott 3/18/2019

Jill 3/14/2019
My only small complaint is it was not user friendly on a mobile device, otherwise, fine program.

Anna Lisa 3/12/2019
I had fun learning the things Im not aware of. Thanks a lot!

Robbyjohn 3/6/2019
The lessons were broken down in an organized manner and made it easy to go through the materials and understand. I appreciated the audio of the materials as well as I was able to listen while reading through the material. The quizzes in between the lessons made it easy to review and recap material that has just been covered.

Maria 3/6/2019
This course was very informative and understandable.

Elizabeth 3/5/2019
Easy and quick

Jorge 3/5/2019
Great Course!

Armando 3/3/2019
Course was very informative and easy to navigate. the last 3-4 sections didnt have sound/playback option...

Emily 3/3/2019
Great Class

Albera 3/2/2019
Easy and very informative! I purchased a living social voucher and call school as it wasnt giving me the right discount. I honestly did not expect anyone to answer on a Sat night, the phone rang and I did not leave a message. A gentleman (I didnt catch his name ) called me and apologized for not getting to my call! Awesome he called me and in a second fixed my issue! Great customer service! Thank you so much sir!!! You guys rock!!
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