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Colleen 3/1/2021
Very user friendly

Arturo 3/1/2021
It was pretty easy to follow the instructions

Manar 3/1/2021
I enjoyed the training.

Jeorgina  2/28/2021
Very easy to navigate and helpful!

Aakashkumar 2/28/2021
Good school

Corrie 2/28/2021
It was very informative and easy.

Viola 2/27/2021
Great learning experience! thank you!

Corrie 2/26/2021
Loved the school it was very informative.

Marcus 2/26/2021
I like this better than reading the dmv driving book.

Brandie 2/25/2021
I love Easy Online Traffic School. I could work at my own pace. I was able to log in and out and pick up right where I left off. If I missed an answer, I had the chance to go back and review.

Jerald 2/25/2021
The school did exactly what they said they would do

Oscar 2/24/2021
Highly recommended.easy tool for traffic school

Gwendalyn 2/24/2021
Great online traffic school it was so easy to navigate. Thanks for a great learning experience!!!

Kristine 2/23/2021
Very informative course. I would highly recommend it!

David 2/23/2021
Simple and easy to use website. 10/10

James 2/23/2021
Great Information!

Lyne 2/22/2021
I must say that the whole course was very informative. A lot of information but very informative and very easy to follow.

Lyne 2/22/2021
I must say that the whole course was very informative. A lot of information but very informative and very easy to follow.

Teresa 2/22/2021
I would recommend this course to others.

David 2/22/2021
Great Course

Krysten 2/22/2021
Course was easy to navigate. I was more stressed out before signing up for the test. Review the materials at my own pace. Thank you

Silvia 2/21/2021
Easy to follow and pass

Silvia 2/21/2021
Easy to follow and pass

Kevin 2/20/2021
Very easy and convenient!

Juan 2/20/2021
This program was very convenient to my busy schedule. Everything is easy to understand.

Samantha 2/20/2021
I think that the pricing should be given up-front, rather than at the end. I had to contact customer service to get the price before I continued with the course. The price is by far the most reasonable of any traffic school I researched, but that information wasnt easily available anywhere on the site.

John 2/17/2021
Nicely done. Had a problem with checkout and was taken care of immediately.

Karen 2/17/2021
Excellent course.

Seema 2/17/2021
It was very helpful and worked efficiently

Kenneth 2/16/2021
This was very insightful

Chad 2/16/2021
Great course. Very informative. I learned a lot. Thank you.

Janelle 2/15/2021
Easy to use

Albert 2/15/2021
I would like the font size buttons to be on the top of the page, rather than at the end. I had to scroll down to the bottom on every section since I needed to increase the size.

Donald 2/14/2021
Wording, grammar, and presentation could be a bit cleaner/professional. But, overall, very easy to understand, convenient, and walking away with knowing more than I started with. 10/10

Dianna 2/14/2021
It was a great lesson and I learned a lot

Caig 2/13/2021
This was a good way to do my traffic school.Very much worth the price.

Christine 2/13/2021
Really easy to use, and I learned some important things! I would definitely recommend to anyone needing traffic school

Steven  2/13/2021
Great school

Adriana 2/13/2021
Great opportunity to work on my own pace. Online was very convenient.

Eloisa 2/12/2021
Informative, easy to read & understand.

Grace 2/12/2021
I would definitely recommend this traffic school to other people I know.

Terri 2/12/2021
Worked well for my schedule. Thank You!

Ana 2/12/2021
Thank you, the course was excellent and I have learn a lot.

Uriel  2/12/2021
It was super fast and easy I would recommend this website to my friends when they are in need of traffic school .

Noreenanne 2/12/2021
The materials were easy to follow and understand. The visual images help as well.

James 2/11/2021
Easy to follow and good information provided.

Amy 2/10/2021

Llanet 2/10/2021
I Need to have more attention on the lights and precautions on my surroundings

Martha 2/10/2021
Thank you Mr. George!!!! Your faith and confidence helped me do this correctly and right.

Guadalupe 2/10/2021
Great Traffic School.

Guadalupe 2/10/2021
Great traffic School

Victoria 2/9/2021
Very informative.

Trinh 2/9/2021
Excellent online traffic school site.

Margarita  2/9/2021
Recommended 100%

Josue 2/9/2021

Adam 2/8/2021
Very clear material and easy to navigate.

Katherine 2/8/2021
There is one grammatical error, right at the beginning of one of the sections. I am pretty sure it was the distracted driver section. It says something like "ADistract driving". Other than that it was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you.

Danielle 2/7/2021
Great course great info and great tests

Laura  2/7/2021
It was clear and easy to understand.

Derek 2/5/2021
Easy to follow and take quizzes

Eric 2/5/2021
Good course! Thank you.

Jessica  2/5/2021
Easy to use!

Alexandru 2/4/2021
Thank you !

Leon 2/3/2021
It was great to go at my own pace. I appreciated the email reminder to pick up where I left off after a few days. Thanks.

Blanca 2/3/2021
Very convenient hours and interesting re-fresh course for drivers.

Victor 2/3/2021
Great online course!

Laron 2/2/2021
Great glass

Christian 2/2/2021
Easy to read and understand. Good review.

Kelly 2/2/2021
Great class! Easy directions!

Jeremy 2/2/2021
Great Course! I learned a lot.

Holly 2/2/2021
Easy to use.

Darrell 2/1/2021
Everything was very easy to use and understand.

Eric 2/1/2021
Good course learned a lot easy to follow

Nicole 2/1/2021
Loved it. Thanks so much for making this easy for me! :)

Ryan 2/1/2021
Very effective, simple & clean. Thank you!

Redentor 2/1/2021
Good website, will recommend to others

Hilary 1/31/2021
Efficient and effective. thank you!

Hua 1/30/2021
Great online traffic school. thanks

Tim 1/30/2021
Great experience and easy to navigate

Alyzah 1/30/2021
It was an online course so it was quite easy!

Anastasiya 1/30/2021
Great course! I would recommend it to anyone.

Maria 1/30/2021
Easy course. A bit lengthy but good refresher overall.

Sasha 1/29/2021
I am very satisfied customer. I really appreciated the ease and content of the course.

Frank 1/29/2021
This helped out alot

Nicole 1/29/2021
This course was straight forward to the point. Easy to maneuver through. No advertisements or distractions. Very informative and full or information. Had updated info for changed laws etc. I would recommend to others for sure.

Theodore  1/27/2021
I just wanted to thank you making this course simple to understand and very easy use.

Eidan 1/27/2021
This was a very efficient traffic school, very straight to the point and helpful

Robert 1/26/2021
Very easy to absorb....

Jesus  1/25/2021
This was the best traffic school. it was so easy and fast to finish.

Margaret 1/25/2021
For my certificate I am Margaret A Keating

Judith 1/25/2021
I was surprised to learn so much.

Matthew 1/25/2021
A few minor typos on the test. Otherwise, it was perfectly fine.

Lisa 1/24/2021
Clear and easy to understand information

Francisco  1/24/2021
Great traffic school!

Moshiur 1/23/2021
I really liked User-Interface but I wish there was a menu button to see my progress.

Robert 1/23/2021
Thank you 🙏

Rasha 1/23/2021
Thank you, system is well designed and easy to tracking the information log out and log in as needed.

Nicholas 1/22/2021
Great course, thank you!

Tracy 1/21/2021
I love, love, love this online instruction. Great Idea and it works perfectly. Thank you

Eleno 1/21/2021
I learned some new rules in place and tips. The lesson was organized well and clear.

Jaydon 1/20/2021
I found it helpful for my future trips to cali

Victor 1/20/2021
The website is easy to use and user friendly. Thank you!

Rendale  1/20/2021
Good course! Straight to the point and easy to follow and understand.

Sonia 1/19/2021
Easy and convenient

Maricela 1/19/2021
Awesome test thank you

Matthew 1/18/2021
Thank you for having this course available that was affordable and easy to understand.

Andrew 1/18/2021
Thank you for the help

Regulo 1/18/2021
Quick and convenient

Lisa 1/18/2021
This was a good course. Some of the material was repeated, but that was okay. Also, there were a few misspellings and grammar mistakes.

Robert  1/18/2021
Very satisfied

Kanjanar 1/18/2021
This class was a very good review, user friendly and convenient

Pauline 1/17/2021
Very easy to navigate

Pauline 1/17/2021
Very easy to navigate

Grace 1/17/2021
Well organized!

Diana 1/17/2021
Excellent review of the rules of the road.

Chaid 1/17/2021
Easy to understand and navigate

William  1/16/2021
Very straightforward, so I appreciate that.

Charlene 1/16/2021
My own problems were the ticket. The test was fine and very helpful. I was pleased to have someone answer the phone and my questions on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks.

Hortencia 1/16/2021
Course is extremely long.

Javier 1/15/2021
10/10 Would most definitely recommend taking any traffic school inquiries through catrafficschoolonline.com, Thank you for the clean and easy to understand material! Last time youll see me around here!

Robin 1/15/2021
Very good for me to learn and i did Thank You

Susan 1/15/2021
I found it interesting that the focus was safety.

Rosalee 1/15/2021
I thoiught chapters too long before taking quiz.

Kadhra 1/14/2021
Useful information.

Vanessa 1/14/2021
Always attentive and available 247 was able to give me the best information and ensure that my results were submitted

Thienkhoi 1/14/2021
Great program for busy working adults. Highly recommended.

Clemente 1/13/2021
Very informative and straight forward

Kendall 1/13/2021
The person who answered the phone helped me every time I had a question. I called about 4 times. Nice customer service, good course.

Elizabeth 1/13/2021
Thank you very helpful and well informed

Jose 1/13/2021
Great lesson

Chavell 1/12/2021
Simple to use

Edgar 1/11/2021
It was a really cool learning experience.

Arturo 1/11/2021
You should be 100% clear about the costs from the first moment

Tanya 1/11/2021
Jorge was very helpful. I was having problems with my payment and he was quick to answer my call and help me resolve it. I learned a lot by taking this course.

Pamela 1/11/2021
Great course.

Yeseul  1/10/2021
Great course!! Thanks!!

Brittany 1/10/2021
Excellent Traffic School Program with a great owner that guides you through the process and helps along the way.

Breona 1/10/2021
It was convenient and easy.

Kristin  1/10/2021
Thank you. The course was easy to follow.

Natalee 1/10/2021
Natalee lairson

Daniel 1/10/2021
Very helpful and easy to follow

Becky 1/9/2021
Great Communication in a very great reach out to myself due to it being my first time having to do anything like this very knowledgeable very clear on explaining exactly what the course is all about and not having to pay until it was time to take the exam. The courses was very easy to understand also gave me a lot of information that was very helpful.

Adriana 1/9/2021
Fast, quick, easy and cheap !!!

Andrew 1/9/2021
It was very helpful thank you very much

Bienvenido 1/8/2021
Great traffic school and very informative!

Miguel  1/8/2021
Great course learned valuable info

Corinne 1/7/2021

Diem  1/6/2021
Simple steps/instructions to access the class.

Mayolo  1/6/2021
I recommend this course to anyone!

Corie 1/6/2021
What a great experience, would defiantly refer people to your web site

Julia 1/6/2021
The course was simple and easy to use

Navon  1/6/2021
I like the material available and it was very easy to follow.

Tangee 1/5/2021
This was a very comprehensive course!

Elisa F 1/5/2021
Good course. Great price. Thank you very much. I learned a lot.

Travis 1/5/2021
This course was great and to the point. Also covered most everything you need to know about being a safe and defensive driver. I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs it or would just like to brush up on their driving skills.

Icela 1/5/2021
Well written. easy and interesting to follow.

Disha 1/4/2021
This training material was really helpful and easy to work with.

Krstia 1/4/2021
Super easy!

Robert 1/3/2021
Awesome instructions, quizzes. Ill recommend your school to all.

Franklin 1/3/2021
Very informative and easy

Travis 1/3/2021
Quick and easy.

Fabian 1/3/2021
This was a great course even though I was bummed about having to take traffic school, this course didnt make it boring and gave out some very useful new laws that is a very important thing to know while driving.

Bernardo 1/2/2021
Great website

Ma Leonora 1/1/2021
Thank you for the course

Justin 1/1/2021
It was a very instructional course

Nilson 12/30/2020
Pretty easy peasy but informative and not boring. Id retake it for fun.

Hussein 12/30/2020
Thank for the court and thank you for your helping

Voravuth 12/29/2020
The website layout can be improved, but still easy to follow.

Lisa 12/29/2020
I thought their were too many stats in the first lesson. less would be more impactful as some seemed to be contradictory.

Edith 12/29/2020
Easy to complete and great information

Siavash 12/28/2020
They ask for a case number. All I had was my citation number and my docking number, which I put into the space provided. I hope that does not create problems. If there are any issues for Siavash Parsa, please call me at (510)-289-7819, or email me at [email protected]. I need you to please submit this to the court. Today 12/28/20 is my last day and I passed the course.

Carlos 12/28/2020
Easy course to take & pass.

Terrilynn 12/28/2020
Material seems to have been last updated in 2018 and does not reference any more recent studies or data. Occasional spelling/grammar errors.

William 12/28/2020
I am happy to support local folks. Thanks for a very well put together site, it made for a hassle-free experience.

Caroline 12/28/2020
Great Course!

Aischa  12/27/2020
What a wonderful experience my first time trying online and didn’t have to pay an expensive Fee

Keri 12/26/2020
Super easy!!!

Alexander 12/26/2020
Useful information

Rosheil Blaise 12/26/2020
Simple and quick to understand driving school. I would recommend to all my friends and family.

Mario 12/25/2020

Taylor 12/24/2020
A wonderful course at a perfect pace!

Seth 12/23/2020
Great course. Concise, to the point, and well-presented. I learned a lot.

Stephanie 12/23/2020
It was great and easy to do. I learned a ton

Arturo 12/23/2020
More video content (such as those official DMV youtube videos) should be available regarding parking and different types of intersection examples!

Artemisa 12/23/2020
Great lessons.

Kristine 12/22/2020
Easy to follow. Good learning tools and examples.

Karina 12/21/2020
This course was great and super well structured. I would totally recommend it to friends and family if they are ever in need of taking traffic school.

Alayah 12/21/2020
Real efficient and easy to follow!

Julio 12/21/2020
Really easy to understand

Stephanie 12/20/2020
There are some mis-spellings in the text (sorry did not note where.) It would be good to know the pricing prior to almost completing all the coursework. :) THANK YOU.

Mia 12/20/2020
Great course!

Ryan 12/19/2020
Thank you for great service!

Darla 12/18/2020
Great course!

Isaura 12/18/2020
I liked the format and explanation.

Paul 12/16/2020
Love the course

Stefano 12/16/2020
Great class I would recommend it.

Fernando 12/15/2020
Easy traffic school online is easy and understandable material. i love the website. awesome website!!!!

Adrian  12/15/2020

Jennifer  12/15/2020
Easy and fast

Quintin 12/15/2020
Great course!

Rachel 12/14/2020
Great course! Easy and informational

Tatiana 12/14/2020
Fast and Easy thankst

Sarah 12/14/2020
Great system, thank you!

Jonnathan 12/11/2020
I found the course insightful and useful to instruct anyone on how to become a more defensive driver as well as increasing there overall knowledge of the rules of the road.

Micah 12/10/2020
Just for clarification, the ticket date was 9/24/2020 and traffic school completion date is 12/24/2020. We may have typed in the wrong date earlier. Thank you! - MICAH BLAKE

Alondra 12/10/2020
Very easy! learned a lot. 10/10 would recommend

Christina 12/9/2020
Very interesting course and yes - after 44 years of driving I did learned some new stuff

Kelly 12/9/2020
Good and help me thank you

Maurice 12/7/2020
Clear concise and easy to use,.

Paulus 12/7/2020
Thank you for the broad educational course, I even enjoyed it.

Jesse 12/7/2020
It was great. I would HIGHLY recommend it to a friend.

Micah 12/6/2020
Great website!

Maria 12/5/2020
Please place the Increase/Decrease Font icon on the top of the page. It takes longer to have to scroll all the way down to increase/decrease the font. Thank you.

Bianca 12/5/2020
Good review to driving safer.

Anna 12/5/2020
My initial contact to this school was very helpful regarding the process. Information and instruction on completion (being a first-timer) was very clear and professional. Thank you!

Nicholas 12/5/2020
Quick and great info

Martin 12/4/2020
Great Course

Scott 12/3/2020
This was great and not stressful at all.

Sandeep 12/3/2020
Great course

Priscilia 12/3/2020
Very helpful and great examples

Michelle 12/3/2020
Thank you for providing a sufficient online traffic school program that is affordable and accessible with safety features!

Lysa 12/3/2020

Nelson 12/2/2020
Good course. I learned a lot

Brian 12/2/2020
Easy to understand

Emily  12/1/2020
Thanks! It was an easy course to study for!

Candy 12/1/2020
Easy to acess and easy to take

Hannah 12/1/2020
It was very informative home schooling online thank you😁!

Hannah 12/1/2020
It was very informative home schooling online thank you😁!

Jessica 12/1/2020
Quick, easy, knowledgeable lessons. Grammar could be improved on.

Israel 11/30/2020
I really learned alot with this course. I actually see all these different drivers on the road. and i am more aware than before. i am really greatful for this course.

Jose 11/30/2020
Excellent and easy course!

Nikolai 11/30/2020
Great course, easy to pass

Jose 11/29/2020
Great course and content, thank you!

Yan 11/29/2020
Great experience. Thanks!

Edgar 11/29/2020
Great class

Caleb 11/29/2020
Was unable to confirm the citation number through looking it up on the county’s court website, however the instructor George was most helpful and courteous. The information that was provided upfront about the approximate time required to complete the course allowed me to make the decision to take it and I’m glad that I did, thank you George.

Lisa 11/28/2020
The course was very easy to understand and follow.

Kelly 11/28/2020
Very prompt response when I had a question on starting the course

Andrew 11/28/2020
Easy traffic school material and test. would recommend to others.

Douglas 11/26/2020
Had issues with debit card. Credit worked okay, but would be nice if debit could be used.

Jose 11/26/2020
I was able to browse through the website easily.

Abes 11/25/2020
I learned some new things. Thank you.

Jayson 11/25/2020
The course was very easy to follow, a lot of reading but its very much worth in the end.

Geoff 11/25/2020
Quick and easy to follow.

Luis 11/24/2020
Nice, well organized, clean, easy to read... well structured and educational, thank you.

Jay 11/23/2020
Actually entertaining

Mercedes 11/23/2020
Very easy to read and obtain information, test was very easy to take as well

Michael 11/21/2020
It was great thx

Eric 11/21/2020
Great class

Mario 11/21/2020
Great course easy to understand and really helpful

Kayle 11/19/2020
Awesome traffic school!

Eric 11/19/2020
Excellent course. Would recommend.

Joseph 11/19/2020
Easy to use GUI! Content was relevant to the testing. A lot of material to cover.

Monica  11/18/2020
Great and helpful

Tanya 11/17/2020
Great class to have. Very easy material and I can start and stop at anytime!!

Brandon 11/17/2020
It was good

Ruth 11/16/2020
A little too long and drawn out but it saved me a lot of money.

Gabriela 11/14/2020
The course reading materials were easily understood and to the point.

Steven 11/14/2020
Very good material

Nathan 11/14/2020
Thank you for your help I learned a lot

Amelia 11/13/2020
Great course and very informative!

Ruth 11/12/2020
Too long and drawn out.

Connie 11/11/2020
Good info, and fairly quick. Website easy to navigate (thank goodness!)

Hyang 11/11/2020
Very pleased, thank you

Adonis 11/11/2020
Thank you :)

Emerito 11/11/2020
Great course!

Sutanti 11/11/2020
It is a good online course, easy to understand and contain some pictures that help to understand the details. thank you i like this course

Scott 11/10/2020
Font sizing should be placed under each page header, instead of the bottom.

Elizabeth  11/9/2020
Easy and painless, thank you! One note - the "15 years ago" section needs an update, as time has passed and many of those things were around in 2005.

Jose 11/9/2020
Amazing service thank you.

Ladelle 11/9/2020
Very good course

Ladelle 11/9/2020
Very good course

Jose 11/8/2020
Too much reading materials.

Faustino 11/7/2020
This website is very helpful

Jeremy 11/6/2020
Awesome and EASY!!

Kenneth 11/6/2020
Thorough and intuitive.

Michele 11/5/2020
Very easy to use and I liked how it kept your place, I learned valuable information that was short and quick with my busy schedule

Leticia 11/5/2020
Very easy and fast.

Diego 11/5/2020
Very Nice, I like a lot

Aaron 11/4/2020
Very easy to understand!

Samira 11/3/2020
The set up of each lesson was great and easy to follow. It would be helpful to add in a back and forth button so users can go back to read something in a previous lesson.

Vanessa 11/3/2020
Thank you! I actually learned some new things and I was reminded of traffic laws which was great.

Maria 11/3/2020
Appreciate the process. simple and good information

Michivan 11/3/2020
I have none everything was well put. Thank you .

Carl 11/3/2020
Maybe a little less reading and a few more video examples throughout the course. The reading can get tiresome. Otherwise the course was good.

Alex  11/2/2020

Becky 11/2/2020
The test was a lot of reading and repeated things, but I found that to be of big help, because I needed repetition. I also took my time on this so I did well. It was not an easy test at all.

Filomena 11/2/2020
Very informative

Erika 11/2/2020
Great Course ! Thank You !

Mark 11/2/2020
This was a very thorough and educational course. Outstanding.

Thomas 11/2/2020
Great Traffic School. Very Satisfied and educated to current driving standards. Although I hope I never have to take this class again, I would choose this school if the situation calls for it.

Martin 11/2/2020
I will recommend this website to all! Thank You!

Christina 11/1/2020
Great course, super easy and informative

Sandra 11/1/2020
The original font on each page was too small for me to read. So on each page I had to scroll down to the font prompt to enlarge. I think once you "enlarge" your font choice, it should remain the same throughout the lessons, so you do not have to increase it each page.

Jose 11/1/2020
Thank you for your help

Syed  11/1/2020
The course was easy

Francesco 10/31/2020
Very nice course i like alot

Prerak 10/30/2020
Course was easy to navigate through and was relevant.

Thomas 10/30/2020
Thank you. This was not as easy as I expected but I really studied hard.

Juan 10/30/2020
Great lessons

Jasmin 10/30/2020
Great and easy to do!

Richard 10/28/2020
The course instruction was easily understood. The visuals / pictures were very helpful. I was able to work at my own pace and each chapter / section had a small quiz at the end.

Sean 10/28/2020
Very easy and taught me a lot!

Minal 10/27/2020
Very good course. Thank you

Charlene D  10/27/2020
Very easy and helpful

Tenia 10/26/2020
Informative course.

Patrick 10/26/2020
Great and easy!

Shachi 10/25/2020
It was easy

Sean 10/24/2020
Very informative and thorough class

April 10/22/2020
Loved the course!

Jasmine 10/21/2020
Awesome sauce, very helpful

Walter  10/21/2020
Great web sight

Leonardo 10/20/2020
Easy to finish and not so time-consuming! <3

Thomas 10/20/2020
Good course.

Kerin 10/18/2020
Great course. However, just FYI, there was at least 3 typos. It was easy and fast. Thanks.

Patricia 10/18/2020
Great course! 24 hr assistance is available and was needed when I could not read the citation number on the original ticket.

Kevin 10/18/2020
I paid for traffic school with my ticket and additional payment was needed.

Kai 10/18/2020
Great course, took less than an hour

Clarence 10/17/2020
Thank you good course

Vi 10/17/2020
Easy course

Catherine 10/16/2020
Great reminders

Karl 10/16/2020
Good course easy to complete

Janelle 10/15/2020
Great course!

Sharon 10/15/2020
I haven�t started yet but I�m excited

Jennifer 10/15/2020
Easy peesy!

Alex 10/14/2020
Great course!

Kevin 10/14/2020
Very good course! Thanks a lot for the help and knowledge given!

William 10/13/2020
Very complete and interesting course

Evan 10/13/2020
Great course!

Jessica 10/12/2020
Very helpful and easy to understand course. Helped with correct answers if I was wrong

Sean 10/12/2020
Thank you for helping me with saving on my record and insurance...I could not afford to not have traffic school as an option. Especially right now during unemployment.

Patrick 10/10/2020
Good course

Jomer  10/10/2020
Thank you , pls give all the details for all the fees i need to pay upon inquiries coz sometimes i get short of extra specially on this time of pandemic.But anyway ive learned alot,thank you.

Autumn 10/10/2020
Great course! Thank you!

Michael 10/10/2020
Great and easy to understand

Edward 10/10/2020
Great refresher!

Lashelle 10/9/2020
Great Customer service on the phone and a great driving Tutorial!

Kelly 10/8/2020
Great Material

Johanna Marilu  10/7/2020
Easy and fast!

Mathew 10/7/2020
Great course, quick and educational. win-win

Georgia 10/6/2020
Overall great experience

Elliot 10/6/2020
I have no feedback to leave

Alice 10/5/2020
Great website! Ill recommend them from now on.

Mike 10/5/2020
Web friendly course

Tamil  10/5/2020
My experience has been amazing and the institute answered my questions even on Sunday

Veronica 10/3/2020
Great experience!

Patricia 10/2/2020
Thank you so much for making this class easy to navigate through.

Gayla 10/2/2020
Very good course

Tennas 10/1/2020
This course was exactly as advertised, great.

Verenise  10/1/2020
Very easy to understand .

Dexter 9/30/2020
No feedback at this time.

Rachael 9/28/2020
Had a coupon code that wouldnt register on the payment page. There was no explanation for it not registering.

Daniel 9/28/2020
How come my Candidate Name only show as Ho? Instead of my full name: Daniel Po Han Ho

Sharon 9/28/2020
Great course, easy to follow. Thanks.

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Very easy to use. Thank you.

Anissa 9/27/2020
Thank you for your assistance with the billing portion.

Zelma 9/26/2020
In spite of the current COVID-19 situation, I am most grateful for being able to take traffic school via online (always my first choice) and at my own pace 24/7. Thank you for being a great source for making that happen. Stay safe and stay Blessed.

Michael 9/26/2020
Easy to learn and learned about traffic safety.

Michael 9/26/2020
Easy to learn and learned about traffic safety.

Alejandro  9/24/2020
I will recommend very easy and affordable

Gladys 9/24/2020
Love it. Easy program

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Clear and concise.

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Quick, easy, to-the-point! Thank you!

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I really liked taking this class very helpful!!

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Great course learned a lot!

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Good Test. I learned something from most of the sections.

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Very Informative course...well done!

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Thank you for the class

Caridad 9/15/2020
Good course

Jill 9/15/2020
Great course! Easy to read and good points to solidify my driving skills!

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Super easy and I loved being able to log off and log back on

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Excellent course, my first on-line course and it was wonderful. I relearned everything I learned many, many years ago. George was extremely helpful and professional. Keep up the good work.

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Great material easy to learn and easy to memorize with all the visual aids.

Kimberly 9/11/2020
I enjoy the refresh and appreciated the course most definitely. Thank you

Robert 9/9/2020

Suzan 9/9/2020
Good course.

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It was a good refreshing test

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My name and is Gustavo sanchez-Morales

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Easytrafficschool.com is economical and easy to use. I recommend it.

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Learned Much, great course, in complete details of excatly what to learn.

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No comment.

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Sometimes the course was extremely repetitive with certain topics and became redundant for me.

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Thank you for providing this course

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This class was a great use of money, I will take it every year as a refresher.

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Carlos 9/2/2020
Made it easy

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I rate the course a 10 reading through the All the lessons gave me more knowledge about traffic regulations without any trouble on understanding them.

Ed 9/1/2020
Great course

Kristin 9/1/2020
I found it frustrating that so much material was repeated, causing the course to take longer than necessary.
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