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Gary 1/1/2020
Good school, easy to understand and navigate.

Vernon 12/31/2019
Good content. Relevant.

Rose 12/31/2019
Thanks for help

Jill 12/29/2019
Great course. Very informative.

Jennifer 12/28/2019

Michele 12/26/2019
This was a very easy website to go through. Thank you!

Stella 12/25/2019
Learned a lot.

Michelle 12/23/2019
I appreciate you for helping me over the phone and being accommodating for me to complete my deadline today. I will definitely recommend this to people who need to take online schooling. Thank You.

Steven 12/23/2019
I’m not sure if I put the correct ‘due date’ for the court date, I had to pay the ticket/violation by 12/4/19, which I did, but I had to complete Traffic School by 1/14/20. I put in the due date as 12/4/19, I hope that doesn’t interfere with the completion date of Traffic School, thanks

Steven 12/23/2019
I’m not sure if I put the correct ‘due date’ for the court date, I had to pay the ticket/violation by 12/4/19, which I did, but I had to complete Traffic School by 1/14/20. I put in the due date as 12/4/19, I hope that doesn’t interfere with the completion date of Traffic School, thanks

Tomas 12/23/2019
Thanks for your help now I know more about the safety

Marla 12/22/2019
The course was really helpful and informative. I have learned and relearned from the lessons. Thank you.

Joaquin 12/22/2019
Fantastic online traffic school.

Ilda 12/21/2019
I was not able to view instruction books 10-12 while testing. I noticed some sections need proofreading for grammar improvements.

John 12/21/2019
Good deal and option. I would read the final questions first then read the materials, then take the test with your second option try. A few of the questions are totally NOT in the material but common sense applies. Double check your ticket and personal data that assures the correct data is sent to the court and DMV.

Brisa 12/20/2019
10/10 recommended.

Ann 12/20/2019
Great lesson presentations.

Douglas 12/14/2019
I will refer this school to anyone that needs to take a on-line test

Frank  12/14/2019
Great set up and easy to understand!

Nayeli 12/13/2019
Awesome and very informative!

Richard 12/13/2019
Good Course

Esteban 12/12/2019
Loved it, very convenient and challenging

Brittany 12/12/2019
Very efficient traffic school that takes about an hour. You can pretty much just skip to the questions at the end of each section. Highly recommend!

Cassandra 12/10/2019
Was so easy and fast!

Catherine 12/10/2019
Sorry I got a citation, but the refresher traffic school was very good.

Brittany 12/10/2019
Pretty efficient course, Thanks!

Barby  12/9/2019
Amazing Class!

Rodney 12/9/2019
Thank you I needed this

Julia 12/8/2019
A good experience overall

Jaylen 12/8/2019
Very informative, but not confusing. Very helpful!

Randall 12/7/2019
The Reckless Driving conviction question is incomplete or misleading, as "bodily injury" isnt mentioned in the question, and reckless driving (in your materials) says a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 90.

Jarrod 12/5/2019
I appreciate easy traffic school for letting me utilize its program, and i also learned a few things that i didnt know., thank you.

Charles Rose 12/4/2019
Thankyou!! I found this quiz fairly simple

Cameron 12/4/2019
Great and simple, thanks

Maria  12/3/2019
Very good traffic school, easy to understand.

Gregory 12/2/2019
Highly recommend to others. Great refresher!

Gregory 12/2/2019
Great refresher!

Manuel 12/2/2019
This course was simple, fast and convenient.

Matt 12/2/2019
Great structure to the course everything was easy to understand.

Peter 12/1/2019
Very professional online traffic school class. Appreciated listing of this traffic school on CA DMV website. Called listed phone number and appreciated easy registration. I liked the fact that I could absorb the content over several days and system remembered where I left off during course. The small quizzes after each lesson helped reinforce learned concepts. Well done course. Shows Instructional Design concepts. Thank You!

Patti 12/1/2019
Great school!

Jessica 11/30/2019
You guys rock! Thank you!

Matthew 11/30/2019
Easy to understand and learn the material

Priscila 11/30/2019
My experience with East Traffic School was pretty enjoyable.

Hondo 11/29/2019
Thank you for providing coarse

Cyndy 11/29/2019
The course was extremely long, but taught me a lot. Never to speed again! Thank you!

Brett 11/26/2019
Great class and test. Only thing I had an issue with was using my Groupon so I had to put in my credit card number, which I am sure all will be resolved during working hours.

Stefanie 11/26/2019
Great program and customer service!

Mark 11/26/2019
Wasnt sure if the DUE Date for which you asked was the one on the citation or the traffic School completion deadline the Court mandated. I put the Citation Due Date whereas the course completion deadline I think is Dec 3.

Ruey 11/23/2019
Great experience

Carl 11/22/2019
Great course! Happy I chose yours!

Jaime  11/22/2019
Alls good!

William 11/21/2019
Course was a good reminder of safety aspects of driving. A few typographical errors are here and there.

Juan 11/21/2019
Course was clear and simple

Brian 11/21/2019
Great course. Very easy to enroll, material was easy to read and understand and it only took me roughly 5 hours to complete over the course of 3 days.

Anita 11/20/2019
Did it. 100%. SOOOOOO long!

Paul 11/20/2019
Good program...Learned plenty!

Patricia 11/19/2019
Easy and recommendable to those who dont have the time to leave home.

Melanie 11/19/2019
The course was informative, written in simple language, and easy to understand.

Rosalind 11/19/2019
I enjoy the course

Luis 11/18/2019
Awesome work

Jessa 11/18/2019
There were quite a few typos in the entire lesson, and it did get a bit repetitive at times.

John 11/16/2019
The course was easy to follow and complete

Stephen 11/15/2019
Great online lesson to refresh my driving knowledge

Lisa 11/15/2019
Could not have asked for a better situation. Also it was mobile friendly which I appreciated. Thank you so much!!

Alyssa 11/13/2019
Update some of the images/videos and check for spelling errors/typos. Otherwise very easy to complete

John 11/12/2019
Easy and efficient.

Socorro Renee 11/11/2019
Easy to follow, very informative

Esthefany  11/11/2019
An easy and fast traffic school!

Gladys  11/11/2019

Joshua 11/10/2019
Easy, and to the point, no distractions. Thank you!

Victoria 11/10/2019
Excellent web site.

Jesus G  11/10/2019
Thank you :)

Leslie 11/10/2019
Great course and its recommendable

Terri 11/10/2019
Nice course. Well laid out and easy to understand. I especially appreciated the instructions on how to handle hazards and coming out of skids and fishtails.

Rubi 11/8/2019
Thank you! Very easy and great information for future reference.

Arturo 11/7/2019
The test was so easy.

Jennifer 11/6/2019
This course was definitely easy to follow and very informational. Thank you!

Mel 11/5/2019
Very imformative

Willaim 11/5/2019
Great course

Brenda 11/5/2019
One a submitted the test an answer changed to wrong answer and different from what I have selected as correct.

Ivan 11/4/2019
I left questions 5-6 blank because I do not remember that information.

Amitabha 11/4/2019

Pierre 11/4/2019
I was surprised to have to pay a fee and not be told upfront there would be one on top of what i had paid previously at same time as my ticket but for the school attendance.

Deborah 11/3/2019
The material was too long. I think videos or shorter and non redundant lessons would be best.

Barbara 11/2/2019
This class was easy to work with and convenient.

Victoria 11/2/2019
The course and related questions were direct and to the point. The grouping of the lessons made it easy to follow and comprehend. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in need of such remediation.

Larry 11/2/2019
A very clear and informative class. Well done!

Clover 10/31/2019
Cheap, Easy, convenient!!

Emily 10/30/2019
I learned a lot whilst reaffirming additional safety precautions and facts! Thank you

Shayla 10/29/2019
Great course! Thank you!

Balvinder 10/27/2019
Great course contents and latest rules

Linda 10/27/2019
Thank you, I refreshed my mind on what to do in different driving conditions.

Marshall 10/26/2019
On question 21 it states the minimum jail sentence for reckless driving is 30 days but when i looked it up many websites said 5-90 days is often required. This information made me pick 90 instead of 30.

Emily 10/26/2019
Thanks, very straightforward

Michael 10/25/2019
Well organized

Lisa 10/24/2019
Great Course! Thanks!

Magelio 10/23/2019
Highly recommended, easy to understand.

Damian 10/23/2019
Easy to use and navigate. All lessons were easy to read and understand. Will recommend.

Gina 10/22/2019
Great school. We can always be reminded of many things in this lesson.

Karen 10/21/2019
This exam was a pleasant surprise, with useful content professionally displayed. The exam format was clear and easy to use. Thank you!

Candido 10/21/2019
My ticket was actually from Law enforcement Agency "Montebello Red Light Camera Project". I stated Montebello PD because that was the closes on the list to the law enforcement agency that issued me the ticket.

Lawrence 10/21/2019
Great course. Good pace and well laid out. Thank you!

Jennifer 10/19/2019
Very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!

Staci 10/19/2019
This course was well written and easy to understand.

Eric 10/18/2019
Everything was great! One suggestion; the review open book page could be a little more complete. Thank you!

Chad  10/17/2019
Lots of information and easy to understand

Pedro 10/16/2019
Easy lessons and test

Sandra 10/16/2019
Make it shorter and get to the point.

Julian 10/15/2019
Very informative and easy to read

Kurvoshiya 10/15/2019
This course was very user friendly. Thank you

Philip 10/14/2019
Great course!

Rajesh 10/12/2019
There were some typos on this course but nothing big of a deal. I enjoyed the courses and they were very informational.

Yvette 10/11/2019
Everything was good went smooth learned a lot

Drew 10/9/2019
Very good course to handle violations!

Arlene 10/8/2019

Joshua 10/7/2019
I saw a few error and grammar mistakes. Not a big deal but a little distracting. Also, the minimum sentence for conviction of reckless driving appears to be mistaken on the exam.

Regina 10/6/2019
The test was helpful but very long.

Diane 10/4/2019
Thank you for offering the course at an affordable price and with ease

Whitnie 10/4/2019
Good program

Thomas 10/3/2019
This was not necessarily easy. You had to pay attention and for my sake was worth the time.

Kasha 10/3/2019
This course was very informative and I learned some things that I was unaware of.

Mena 10/3/2019
Good material and helpful end of chapter quizzes. The final exam is decent. The representative helped me right away. It was a quick one min solution. Thank you!

Matthew  10/2/2019
Thanks for the course!

Natalie 10/2/2019
Easy and cheaper than most

Aidan 10/2/2019
It was a great course that taught me new things

Ellen 10/2/2019
I called to get the right email address for the course. Someone answered right away and gave me the correct email address. Very satisfied.

Israel 10/1/2019
Couple of typos, but got a refresher.

Ramon 9/30/2019
Wonderful course! Thank you.

Luis 9/29/2019
Thanks for the lessons

Edward 9/29/2019
I was very pleased with new information on new laws and regulations in california

Brigitte 9/29/2019
Easy to understand and great information. Thank you

Mena 9/28/2019
For some reason only my last name is displayed on this page. Full name is Mena Alsaraf

James 9/28/2019
A great course and I will recommend to all my friends and family

Linda 9/28/2019
No correct answers offered for missed questions on the final, otherwise good course!

Meagan  9/28/2019
Highly recommended!

Alexandria 9/27/2019
Great website,,

Sandeep 9/27/2019
Course is easy & provide very valuable information.the traffic school instructors is very nice & helpful.

Dianne 9/27/2019

Kelley 9/27/2019
Great lessons, excellent customer service!

Yanina 9/26/2019

Gumesida 9/26/2019
I enjoyed this online school thank you!

Christina 9/26/2019
This was my first time taking traffic school and with my busy schedule I have been having a hard time scheduling it. Luckily, I was given a 4 day pass for this weekend. I was able to enroll, take the course and pass the final exam in one day. And I learned new things, such as you cant wear earphones while driving and that electric bicyclists over the age of 16 MUST wear a helmet.

Yanina 9/26/2019
Thank you, yanina

Kelley 9/26/2019
Great thank you !

Melinda 9/26/2019

Clara 9/25/2019
Mail me the copy of the certificates! Thank you

Paull 9/24/2019
Great course, I learned about some new laws that went into effect this year!

Erin 9/24/2019
Great and easy to follow lesson, well done!

Dylon 9/24/2019
Great program

Oscar 9/23/2019
Everything was great and informative!

Antonio  9/22/2019
Awesome and informative class. Very easy to understand.

Kevin 9/22/2019
I had trouble with checking out and using my Groupon and called the customer support line. I was helped immediately. The customer service rep who helped was fast, efficient, and very friendly.

Berenice 9/22/2019
Full name is Berenice G Mendoza Ruiz. shows on here only as Mendoza.

William 9/20/2019
This was awesome, thanks

Sonia 9/20/2019
I learned a lot from this course. I actually got answers to questions I always had. Thank you so much!

Alesandra 9/19/2019

Stephanie 9/17/2019
Excellent course, easy to follow through 12 lessons.

Dawn 9/16/2019
It timed out on me a couple of times fairly quickly, that is the only problem I had. Not really a problem, because I just had to log back in.

Natalie 9/15/2019
Thank you guys!

Stephanie 9/13/2019
Easily understood, great course! great information.

Ronald 9/13/2019
Excellent course and really good customer service. Definitely recommend to anyone needing the school.

Jose Angel 9/12/2019
The course was very helpfull and educational. It helped me refresh my knowledge of traffic laws. Thank you very much

Shelley 9/11/2019
Easy to read, understand and follow. Fast and to the point.

Stephanie 9/11/2019
The whole process was great and affordable!

Keana 9/11/2019
The class was constructed to where it was easy to follow and grasp concepts.

Anthony 9/11/2019
Very easy and informative. Would recommend it to anyone.

Luiz 9/10/2019
I wish that you guys had more videos to watch because Im a visual learner not a text book reader.

Karina 9/10/2019
Excellent class.

Jonalice 9/8/2019
There was too much information on common things

Jake 9/7/2019
Great course!

Paul 9/7/2019
Very pleased. When I called my question was answered immediately. No problems

Humberto 9/6/2019
Really simple and easy to follow. Fixed my problem with the login really fast.

Laura 9/6/2019
I learned a lot and it was nice to be able to go at my own speed. Online is great.

Carlos-alberto 9/5/2019
Great course

Laura 9/5/2019
I would have appreciated an guesstimate of the time needed to complete the individual sections. This took me approximately 3 1/2 hours total. It is nice to be able to do it online. I learn better on my own. Fewer distractions than being in a class!

Frances 9/4/2019
It looked like I answered all questions on the exam correctly, but was marked with five incorrect answers.

Mary  9/4/2019
Course/website was very easy to maneuver. Thank you!

Kristan 9/2/2019
Thorough instructions

Azeem 9/2/2019
Good course with some minor outage of Database

Maria 9/2/2019
I received everything the school promised when I registered: - I put 8 points because I have not received the certificate through mail yet, otherwise, its a 10.

Steven 9/2/2019
Great course!

Cindy 9/1/2019
I loved it! thank you for the material.

Louis  8/30/2019
Has been very positive in reminding me key safety and rules to be a safe driver

Chad 8/29/2019
Great Traffic School Course, thanks!

Blake 8/27/2019
Good course. Would recommend to others needing online traffic school.

Michael 8/27/2019
Good and informative thank you

Killian 8/27/2019
Great course! Thankyou!

Richard 8/26/2019
The course was extremely thorough and detailed and I learned some information that I had not known previously.

Mayleen 8/26/2019
Very useful information. Thank you

Jody 8/25/2019
Some typographical errors and poor grammar appear here and there throughout the materials. I wonder if there are more current statistics than those included that date back to 2014/20-15, etc. I learned a lot of helpful information. Id prefer you include a real voice rather than a computer generated voice. Thanks!

Tina Marie 8/24/2019
This was awesome, loved this website, so relieving - it was so simple. The quiz at the end of each chapter helped so much.

Richard 8/21/2019
Great course!

Evelia 8/20/2019
Very easy to read course.

Zaid 8/19/2019
Fantastic traffic school easy to understand great questions and videos

Jeffrey 8/19/2019
All good . Thank you.

Laurie 8/19/2019
It was awfully long.

Abraham 8/19/2019
Very educational

Alexis 8/18/2019
I really liked this school.

Phillip 8/18/2019
Very hepful!!!!!!

Josue 8/17/2019
Very Nice but full name not show. But over all great and learned much praise God

Jeannette 8/17/2019
Great knowledgeable course!

Sandra  8/17/2019
I wanted to confirm that they were an online course

Dulce 8/14/2019
The course was easy to follow thanks to the very well organized sections.

Angelica 8/14/2019
I passed my test ya hurdddd

Cameron 8/11/2019
It was pretty quick and easy and I actually learned something.

Jeffery 8/10/2019
Please submit this test result for me on Monday 08-12-19 as this is the due date, Thank you

Matthew 8/9/2019
Great course

Joseph 8/7/2019
Was not provided with correct answer and explanation on incorrect answers on final exam

Martha 8/7/2019
It was easy to maneuver and understand

Daniel 8/6/2019
Course was informative.

Roberto 8/6/2019
Thank you Very Much

Karen  8/5/2019
The instructor was very helpful and followed through quickly to help me finish this course in a timely manner. I was told by the court calling today, that this was my last day to complete traffic school. Thanks so much for helping me!!

John 8/4/2019
Saw no problems with the course. Was comprehensive, and left me able to answer the test questions easily when all I did was read and pay attention.

Albert 8/4/2019
Informative and easy to understand

Denise 8/4/2019
I wasnt provided with the correct answers for the ones I missed and there was no reasoning.

Jerome 8/4/2019
Really helpful to get the audio!

Christopher 8/4/2019
Great course

Lisa 8/3/2019
Great site!

Robert 8/2/2019
Very good course Information, Very helpfull.

Grace 8/2/2019
A lot of this is common sense. Thank you

Kiril  8/1/2019
It was very easy to understand and very straight forward. The quiz questions obviously reflected what I had read previously.

Samuel 8/1/2019
Simple Course Easy To Understand.
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