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Kenneth  2/28/2019
The answers were not given on my missed questions.

Collin 2/27/2019
Good School went fast thanks

Mack 2/26/2019
It was quick and easy!

Dorothy 2/20/2019
3.2 issuance company instead of insurance company

Laura 2/19/2019
The information focused a bit too much on numbers such as ft, necessary for signaling, speed limits etc. and not enough on driver behavior, interactions, etc.

Catalina 2/18/2019
Very easy to follow.

Samantha 2/16/2019
The course was good.

Kyle 2/16/2019
I just want to make sure this gets to the courthouse and if there’s anything else I have to do thank you

Rodolfo 2/13/2019
Great class lots of important information was obtained through this course, this should be completed by everyone so they learn what to do in CA.

William 2/11/2019
Great class easy to follow

Christian  2/8/2019
Quick and easy.

Marbella 2/4/2019
Easy to follow through modules and had relevant scenarios from driving in every day life

Margarita 2/3/2019
This course was simple and easy to follow. i found it very educational and i will strive to be a better driver because of it.

Aria 2/3/2019
It was great thank you!

Rance 2/2/2019
The online school and course is very helpful and easy to understand.

Humberto 1/31/2019
Great course. Thank you

Lori 1/28/2019
Great Course. Easy and straight to the point!

Ronald 1/28/2019
Excellent Course!

Nadege 1/28/2019
The testing material was thorough and well put together. Thank you.

Luis 1/27/2019
Live agent was very helpful!

Ariana 1/24/2019

Patricia 1/23/2019
Great program, really help me realize the importance of being a safe driver.

Joyce 1/22/2019
The course was informative and easy to follow. A live representative is available to assist you 24/7.

Kelly 1/22/2019
This traffic school was very easy it took about an hour and they submitted my completion to the court automatically.

Joyce 1/21/2019
The course was user friendly. I was very appreciative of the phone support regarding payment that I received.

Tristan 1/21/2019
Good Course!

Ryan 1/21/2019
This was easy and straightforward. What proof do I get of completion?

Mynor 1/18/2019
Easy, quick, effective way to complete traffic school

Maria Elena 1/16/2019
Nicely well done, thanks.

Ingrid Zulema 1/15/2019
Thank you, thank you so much

Kristen Marie 1/15/2019
Good instructions.

George 12/13/2018
Excellent online traffic school experience to get my ticket cleared and mask it from my driving record so my insurance rates do not increase.
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