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Rebekah 3/22/2022
Great course, thank you!

David 3/22/2022
Very nice! Thank you!

Jennifer 3/22/2022
Thank for a quick and easy service!

Rigina 3/22/2022
I would recommend this school to anyone who needs to take traffic school….you can learn from this and it might be a good idea to take it as a refres

Rigina 3/22/2022
I would recommend this school to anyone who needs to take traffic school….you can learn from this and it might be a good idea to take it as a refres

Ashley 3/22/2022
This was the best way to take traffic school! Very easy and knowledgeable!

Herbert 3/22/2022
Course was excellent and identified things I was not aware of. Thank You.

Luis 3/21/2022

Yesenia 3/21/2022
Great course with great refresher material

Cynthia 3/21/2022
The course was clear and straight forward. No unnecessary "extras". Thank you.

Hunter 3/21/2022
Very convenient

Lorena 3/21/2022
User friendly

Young 3/21/2022
Excellent course.

Ronda 3/21/2022
Was a great traffic school site.

Jailyn 3/21/2022
Material was very straight-forward and easy to understand. Very easy to complete. Thank you!

Makayla 3/20/2022
Great course, super fast responses when needed help!

Ronaldo 3/20/2022
It’s helpful

Evan 3/20/2022
Great Traffic School! Very informative!

Belinda 3/20/2022
Extremely long but quite informative and a great refresher.

Elizabeth 3/20/2022
Great course

Michael 3/20/2022
This class was exactly as the name put it. Fast and easy and perfect.

Jack 3/20/2022
Great traffic school.

Jessica 3/20/2022
Great course. thank you.

Gilbert 3/20/2022
This made everything so much easier. Thank you.

Anastasia 3/20/2022
Traffic school was very helpful in knowledge refreshment and allowing to move at my own pace as a busy professional.

Alberto 3/19/2022
Would recommend to more drivers

Devin 3/19/2022
Very quick and easy and I actually learned something that I was unaware of before.

David 3/19/2022
It was good but too long.

Francisco 3/19/2022

Edgardo 3/19/2022
Surprised at how easy the enrollment process was. I liked that go at your pace process with the courses.

William 3/18/2022
Good course

Megan 3/18/2022
Great course!

Dennis 3/18/2022
You should let the students/clients know, when registering, that they must retain their citations etc., because you need the docket number and the due

Madison 3/17/2022
One of the mini quiz questions was wrong. It said "True or False: Speeding is the leading cause of crashes" I put FALSE because the leading cause of c

Ian 3/17/2022
I received everything the school promised when I registered:

Luisa 3/17/2022
Best traffic school ever .

Christopher 3/17/2022
Best traffic school. Super easy to understand and very user friendly.

Victoria 3/16/2022
Would recommend this course to people i know

Jesus 3/16/2022
Great course!

Alexander 3/16/2022
I liked how I had to read everything before I continued to next topic

Olivia 3/16/2022
The identity verification is unecessary when anyone can be told to click the first answer

Gustavo 3/16/2022
Great Traffic School program; I learned a lot which makes me a more responsible and more courteous driver.

Christopher 3/16/2022
Easy and convenient

Maribelle 3/15/2022
I really liked that this was self paced. It helped me to concentrate and not rush.

Elton 3/15/2022
Good test, but took me a lot longer than what i thought it would

David 3/15/2022
Good Class. Thank you

Bruce 3/15/2022
Thank u so nice to be able to do at my own pace

Losly 3/15/2022
I contacted the school about a computer issue. The response was prompt and the matter was resolved easily.

Francisco 3/15/2022
I really enjoyed this traffic class course because of its clear and precise learning technics and lessons, I learned the new driving laws that were im

Connie 3/15/2022
Easy and understandable

Amanda 3/15/2022
Great course.

Debra 3/14/2022
This course was very informative and easy to understand.

Graham 3/14/2022
Easy, educational, and well put together course.

Richard 3/14/2022
I was successfully able to refresh my skills of driving while taking this course was exceptionally easy and very fun to take thank you

Sean 3/14/2022
Wonderful course. Very informative.

Carl 3/14/2022
Excellent! Thankyou

Ethel 3/14/2022
Excellent. Loved it!

Cameron 3/14/2022
I learned a lot to become a better safer driver!

Lolita 3/14/2022
Good course passed the first try

Anthony 3/14/2022
Well thought out course, thank you

Jake 3/14/2022
Fast, easy, helpful and very entertaining, thank you!

Ryan 3/13/2022
Great school very simple easy and straight forward to use. hope i never need to do this again but if i do i will come back here for sure. thanks

Azurim 3/12/2022
Easy and fast

Tonya 3/12/2022
This course was really helpful thank you

Jorge 3/12/2022
Great website

Elsa 3/12/2022
Very easy and to the point. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Halyna 3/12/2022
Easy and straightforward course.

Santiago 3/12/2022
Awesome school . Great program very happy with my learning experience .

Juan 3/12/2022
Nice course thanks guys!

Noel 3/12/2022
Great course. Quick and easy!

Ramon 3/12/2022
Great course!

Meghan 3/12/2022
Very informative!

Alfred 3/11/2022
Hours of ready, but worth the time. VERy good class

Jorge 3/11/2022
Amazing experience

David 3/11/2022
This was a really good course, glad I took it.

Ignacio 3/11/2022
Great on line course. I learned quite a bit.

Brenda 3/11/2022
I have never taken traffic school before, but doing this one online made things so much easier for me. I highly recommend this traffic school.

Ivan Jon 3/11/2022
Good course

Lurdez 3/11/2022
Great site for traffic school!

Tiffany 3/11/2022
Great useful information and easy navigation!

Daniel 3/11/2022
Great course!

Gagan Mann 3/10/2022
Thorough and excellent! But hope I dont have to do this again, too lengthy :) But I did it! Thank you George, you were very helpful with the test inqu

Pamela 3/10/2022
Very helpful.

Isaiah 3/10/2022
Loved how it was open book and how informational it was

Everardo 3/10/2022
It was really helpful. The test was easy it was easy to login. The test starts where you left off

Daniel 3/10/2022
This course was to the point. I learned more than a few things, even though I initially thought it was a waste of time.

Aida 3/10/2022
This was very helpful and I have learn a lot from these courses.

Benjamin 3/9/2022
Course, very insightful!

Tina 3/9/2022
I feel like this course is a little long and repetitive yet at the same time I know that when its repetitive, it most likely sinks in and you remember

Pooja 3/9/2022
It was very well executed, thank you for the course. Very helpful

Dolores 3/9/2022
It was great thank you! fast and pain free

Fasihullah 3/9/2022
Thanks for the course

Samuel 3/9/2022
Website and test went smoothly.

Anabel 3/9/2022
Great, easy and convenient online learning!

Jan Charles 3/9/2022
Great course! learned more than what i thought! thank you

Michael 3/9/2022
Great course!

Timothy 3/8/2022
There should be more time for someone to read the material. For slow readers (like me) its hard to completely read some pages before getting kicked ba

Cassandra 3/8/2022
Thank you so much

Megan 3/8/2022
Thank you, this was helpful. I didnt think I would learn anything new and I did :)

Teodora 3/8/2022
Great, flexible and easy course. Thank you!

Roger 3/8/2022
The website and all online tools/learning were well designed, perfomed very well and were easy to navigate.

Michael 3/8/2022

Jason 3/8/2022
Great course, easy to follow and structured well.

Andrea 3/7/2022
Very useful

Debbie 3/7/2022
Thank you so much and enjoy your evening.

Annette 3/7/2022
Very easy to sign up. I liked how I was able to speak to alive person with any questions. The traffic school representative was very courteous, profes

Charmaine 3/7/2022
Great course, quick & easy, straightforward

Olga P 3/7/2022
Excellent course; it really helped me to learn more about driving. I will become a more conscientious because of this course and more assured driver

Michael 3/7/2022
This was a course that did what was expected, clear and forward in its goals. Thank you!

Paul 3/7/2022
Simple to follow

Marco 3/7/2022
User friendly

Colin 3/7/2022
Thanks good course

Colin 3/7/2022
Thanks good course

Anthony 3/6/2022
Yes it was easy to understand and take thanks

Margarita 3/6/2022
It was easy to follow.

Craig 3/6/2022
Easy to follow great course.

David 3/6/2022
Very easy to understand and navigate through the questions and answers.

William 3/6/2022
Awesome course!

Julie 3/6/2022
Perfect course!

Shannon 3/6/2022
This was a very informative course and easy to follow!

Veronica 3/5/2022
When I called I had a lot of questions. The representative went above and beyond to make sure I understood every thing from beginning to end.

Griffith 3/5/2022
Great course!

Hugh 3/5/2022
The course was much longer than expected. A lot of detail and useful information.

Jeffrey 3/5/2022
Very easy program.

Valerie 3/4/2022
The curse really help me refresh some information that will benefit my driving skills and habits.

Jeffery 3/4/2022
I was very happy with the experience. It was easy to navigate and was a learning experience. Thank you

Perry 3/4/2022
The person helped us get logged in and going. We are grateful.

Kathryn 3/4/2022
This course was great and easy to understand.

James 3/4/2022
Clear concise information. easy to move thru and understand all material.

Ethan 3/4/2022
Great Course!

Suzanne 3/4/2022
Thank you for this easy to understand, thorough and interesting class! Im very grateful to be able to take it online and at my own pace.

Constance 3/3/2022
This was a very easy self paced class and it helped with the quizzes after each chapter.

Jesse 3/3/2022
The course process was easy to understand. The material was clear and understandable.

William 3/3/2022
Excellent traffic school, affordable, informative, my favorite one!

Donglin 3/3/2022
Very good courses

Ralph 3/3/2022
Informative class well presented.

Mayra 3/3/2022
Great program!

Julie 3/2/2022
Hopefully Ill never have to do this again, but if I did, I would pick this company to go through.

Priscilla 3/2/2022
I actually enjoyed taking this test. Good information. When I contacted the school, the gentleman I spoke with was helpful and patient. I would recomm

Maria 3/2/2022
It was very easy and engaging

Isaac 3/2/2022
Great course great price

James 3/2/2022
Nice and painless. A very pleasant experience.

Mikhos 3/2/2022
Good course. Thank you

Ronaldo 3/2/2022
This helped a lot .

Ronaldo 3/2/2022
This helped a lot .

Lonnie 3/2/2022
I liked that I could take the course at my own pace

David 3/2/2022

Alexa 3/1/2022
Some questions seemed to be a little tricky

Permdeep 3/1/2022
Very good and cheap school

Carmen 3/1/2022
It was nice and easy

Abdul 3/1/2022
It was excellent experience and i give 10 out of 10

Jonathan 3/1/2022
School was easy to access and the questions were clear and easy to understand and made my traffic school experience easy to handle.

Ammy 3/1/2022
Easy. peas. Thanks!

Irvin 3/1/2022
Very helpful and easy to follow information

Zachary 2/28/2022
Great Course

Frederick 2/28/2022
Good course. Thank you.

Daniel 2/28/2022
It was amazing class

Andom 2/28/2022
Very good lesson refreshes the memory

Luis R 2/28/2022
Course was informative, understandable and a easy read, .Plus I like the fact I completed the course at my own pace and price is reasonable

Han 2/28/2022
Fast and easy to use website , highly recommended.

Shasone 2/28/2022
This course was great. Also want to make sure this information is received by the court & will not be added to my driving record.

Minh Loi 2/28/2022
Thanks to traffic school

Fernando 2/28/2022
Nice and eazy.

Jason 2/28/2022
Course worked great and was very knowledgeable. Thank you

Anthony 2/27/2022
Course was great!

Hector 2/27/2022
Simple and to the point just as advertised

Marianne 2/27/2022
The course was very informative.

Shari 2/27/2022
I really liked that I could take breaks and it saved all my answers and where I was in the test. Very informative!

Richard 2/27/2022
George was extemely helpful and friendly. The course was direct, informative and easy to navigate.

Vanessa 2/27/2022
Good material. Easy Read. Th material was to the point and did not give fluff.

Delmy 2/26/2022
Great test!

Christopher 2/26/2022
Youll want to proof-read some of the text. Otherwise, this was fine. Thx.

Dev 2/26/2022
Great Course.. easy to navigate, and explained things well.

Marcus 2/26/2022
I would recommend this school to family and Friends, very easy to complete.

James 2/26/2022
The course was very professional and easy to follow.

Braniff 2/26/2022
Great Course. Thank you !

Juan 2/26/2022
Great material . Learned new information

Dante 2/25/2022
9 It! Was really help full all of the readings and all the quizzes it gave me I really like it

Maria C 2/25/2022
Everything was great thank you for all help

Corrinne 2/25/2022
Thank you for caring about peoples safety.

David 2/25/2022
Good course

Julio 2/25/2022
Very good and very useful even after 60 years of driving

Teaireana 2/24/2022
This course was very helpful.

Shawn 2/23/2022
Great, easy to use, information was clear and concise!

Krit 2/23/2022
Good course. Thank you!

Sandra 2/23/2022

Velia 2/23/2022

Lucille 2/23/2022
Test was long but very knowledgeable

Scott 2/23/2022
Class was great, clear and relevant

Allison 2/23/2022
Easy and fun!

Mary 2/23/2022
Easy navigation , Speedy results.

Linda 2/23/2022
It was an informative course.

Arcelia 2/23/2022
It was easy and straightforward, thank you.

Duane 2/23/2022
Short and sweet. all information is clear and easy to understand. navigating through the website was easy

Chantelle 2/23/2022
Great, Easy and Fast

Gary 2/23/2022
The course provided exactly as advertised.

Jose Octavio 2/23/2022
The course was fairly easy and very informative and would recommend to others.

Jesus 2/22/2022
Super informal and easy to take test.

Roman 2/22/2022
It was really helpful to me. Thank you!

Jamie 2/22/2022
Great Experience. Would recommend this course to anyone needing to take traffic school.

Jorge 2/22/2022
Great program

Rubi 2/22/2022
Easy class!

Brooke 2/22/2022
Quick and easy

Victoria 2/22/2022
I think the course was very helpful. I am very aware of how I’m driving and how people around me are driving.

Jeremy 2/22/2022
I think I got all 25 right, but for some reason it said I got one wrong. Also, I answered my security questions right every time, but on two occasion

Sonia 2/21/2022
Online traffic school it’s easy and convenient to use for people that aren’t able to go in person. I recommend online traffic school.

Yuliana 2/21/2022
Good refresher, was pretty easy.

Alexandro 2/21/2022
Great Test!

Elvin 2/21/2022
Fast and easy to navigate

Larry 2/21/2022
Very good review of all road and vehicle las regulations and understandings

Antonio 2/20/2022
Great course

Trevor 2/20/2022
Was very good and i would recommend to others

Patricia 2/20/2022
Great learning experience!

Derek 2/20/2022
Thanks for your course

Kimberly 2/20/2022
This was an informative test study. There was one chapter test question that was not covered until the following chapter... it was related to the Dia

Tiffany 2/19/2022
Test too long

Tiffany 2/19/2022
Test too long

Jose Barraza 2/19/2022
Excellent course

Benjamen 2/19/2022
This course was easy to use and straight forward. I only counted four typos while reviewing the course material, none of which confused the learning o

Ibrahim 2/18/2022
Great and easy!

Reynaldo 2/18/2022
Thank you to EASYONLINETRAFFICSCHOOL.COM, and to the staff whom i spoke JEORGE. He is so helpful.

Carlina Davila 2/18/2022
Excellent course. Thank you

Anne Marie 2/18/2022
Very good information and a brush up on the California traffic rules. Thanks!

Maxwel 2/18/2022
There were a few grammar errors but overall a good course

Maria 2/17/2022
Good course. Easy read and specific.

Brad 2/17/2022
Thanks for all the knowledge.

Luis Miguel 2/17/2022
Very informative and helpful thanks

Maria Guadalupe 2/17/2022
Easy to comprehend and pass. I like the quizzes as some of the questions came in the exam

Elaheh 2/16/2022
The course was good

Johnny 2/16/2022
Easy to read and understand

Pedro 2/16/2022
It really helps

Alexander 2/16/2022
So sick, Great school. Made some friendships thatll last a lifetime. Dont be sad because its over, be happy because it happened. Never Change. Have a

Jowayne 2/16/2022
Very well done

Ryan 2/16/2022
Great course!!!!

Maria 2/16/2022
Easy straight to the point course.

Jocelyn 2/15/2022
This course was great because it refreshed my memory on driving safely. It was easy and convenient, definitely worth it also very affordable!!

Alejandra 2/15/2022
Fast and easy class and process

Archimedes 2/15/2022
Simple to understand, informative, easy to use.

Robert 2/15/2022

John L 2/15/2022
Efficient system. Good information.

Timothy 2/15/2022
Good Coarse

Patricia 2/15/2022
Appreciated help of 24 hour service line. Called the help line around 2am and received the help necessary to complete final test. Passed. ONLY MISSED

Kelly 2/15/2022
I am an experienced driver, but am new to California. This course illuminated several differences in CA traffic laws vis-a-vis MA, NYS, and NYC that w

Luis D 2/14/2022
Really good school, easy understandable courses, really quick if you put effort into it, perfect for first timers like myself, great quick, profesiona

Chanthouen 2/14/2022
Chanthouen Pen

Glenn 2/14/2022
Great class

Jacquelyn 2/14/2022
There was some confusion on "submitting" the Final. I did not get my score the first time and had to redo the final

James 2/14/2022
This experience was relatively painless, and, (I hate to admit it), somewhat enlightening. I might have actuay learned a thing or two.

Marco 2/13/2022
Everything was great!

Wendi 2/13/2022
This program was very easy to work through. I appreciate being able to do it in chunks as I had time.

Gabriel 2/13/2022
Thank You !

Leland 2/13/2022
Great traffic school...thanks!

Sean 2/13/2022
Good course

Adam 2/12/2022
Thanks! This was very helpful and relieved a lot of stress. Much appreciated.

Robert 2/12/2022
Great class

Yahaira Kyrenia 2/12/2022
Great and easy test.

Maria 2/11/2022
Really good way of learning, It was an easy course. I will for sure recommend this course to friends and family. Very understandable. Thank you.

Jessica 2/11/2022
Straight forward and simple.

Paul 2/11/2022
Just what i needed

Anthony 2/11/2022
Great program

Pedro 2/10/2022
The course was very valuable

Stephanie 2/10/2022
Great course

Larry Arthur 2/10/2022
I like the flexibilty of being able to take the courses on my time.

Christopher 2/10/2022
10, great reading and minimal questions to help with the test. Thank you.

Cynthia 2/10/2022
Thank you it was very helpful

Estefany 2/10/2022
Fast easy and cheap

Jake 2/10/2022
Thank you for the great course!

Alfonso 2/10/2022
Thank you for your services provided to us

Alyssa 2/10/2022
Some of the questions seemed out of order. Meaning they should have been placed in the next section.

Diana 2/10/2022
Enjoyed the experience of the course

Andrea 2/9/2022
Very good clear concise thank you

Elizabeth 2/9/2022
Very good textbook and way of learning the fundamentals of driving.

Maximilian 2/9/2022
Thank you so much for the education!

Chase 2/9/2022
Was a good traffic school

Braden 2/9/2022
Great course full of knowledge and a wonderful refresher of the rules of the road, covers the most important aspects!

Connor 2/9/2022
This was super easy to follow and great price.

Mark 2/8/2022
My name mark Robert Ziemer

April 2/8/2022

Jeanette 2/8/2022
Great course. simple, to the point, and generously reasonable

Sarah 2/8/2022
Great course

Eric 2/7/2022
This course was perfect for my busy work schedule. I was worried Id have to take days and weeks to get this done but after dedicating a sufficient amo

Katherine 2/7/2022
Excellent service & material!

Sennie 2/7/2022
Convenient and it was a really good refresher to daily rules and regulations of driving!

Yuriel 2/7/2022
Very straight forward courses. The layout of the courses were neat and professional.

Debra 2/7/2022
Fast and easy

Adele 2/6/2022
While I had a family crisis with my chihuahua getting grabbed by another dog and pulled out of my arms necessitating a 6 1/2 hr emergency vet trip, I

Adele 2/6/2022
While I had a family crisis with my chihuahua getting grabbed by another dog and pulled out of my arms necessitating a 6 1/2 hr emergency vet trip, I

Joseph 2/6/2022
Highly recommend this course. It was very helpful for me to succeed.

Jaden 2/6/2022
It was helpful

Erin 2/6/2022
Very useful information

John 2/5/2022
This was a positive experience. I learned some things I did not know and other things I did think I know were confirmed and reinforced. The instructio

Caroline 2/5/2022
Thank you, this was easy to follow and very informational.

Randall 2/5/2022
Excellent course. Good info, well presented, and easy to navigate. Highly recommended!

Trang 2/5/2022
Very good and helpful course. Thank you!

Seth 2/5/2022
Great course! Would recommend to friend.

Josue 2/5/2022

Rosa 2/5/2022
It was easy

Tom 2/4/2022
I score your school a 1 on feedback to wrong questions due to not getting any wrong.

Wendy 2/4/2022
When I first called about the school, I found the gentleman on the phone to be courteous, happy, and very helpful! He answered all my questions and th

Wendy 2/4/2022
When I first called about the school, I found the gentleman on the phone to be courteous, happy, and very helpful! He answered all my questions and th

Barry 2/4/2022
I found the course to be much easier then I expected and it was very self explanitory

Brandon 2/4/2022
It was interesting thank you.

Kevin 2/3/2022
This was a great learning experience

Michelle 2/3/2022
Great course! Easy to navigate and able to complete in an evening.

Loraine 2/3/2022
Informational. Good memory refresher.

Suzanne 2/3/2022
I highly recommend this particular driving school. The information was informative, the instructor adequately prepared me for the class and answered

Houa 2/3/2022
Simple to understand and rationale for questions missed were easy to apply.

Cleveland 2/3/2022
Pretty Smooth

Adam 2/3/2022
I wanted to use a local traffic school and Im glad I did. I learned quite a bit and the interface was easy to use.

Diane 2/3/2022
Very easy to complete loved the course! Very useful information.

Jose 2/3/2022
I really enjoyed the ease and flexibility of the course. It taught me things I forget and also the new rules that have been applied.

Angella 2/3/2022
Well organized and informative.

Kelley 2/2/2022
Course was super easy and helpful! Thank you so much.

Tram 2/2/2022

Lienhanh 2/2/2022
The course was much more enjoyable than I originally anticipated

Carol 2/2/2022
Not as bad as I expected. Some chapters were really long.

Micheal 2/2/2022
Was really easy to read!!

Christopher 2/2/2022
Easy to use and informative.

Arturo 2/2/2022
Super helpful and easy to follow study guide and felt confident to take my test.

Quang 2/2/2022
It was very informative.

Austin 2/1/2022
The school provided lots of flexibility when it came to finishing the courses at ones own pace. With my hectic schedule, I am forever grateful for th

Eddie 2/1/2022
Everything satisfactory with the course itself, but with regard to internet design, it would be helpful to put the font increase/decrease buttons at t

Ricardo 2/1/2022
I couldnt find the open book information, Im sure its there just wasnt easy to and I didnt need it

Allison 2/1/2022
The only issue was the way lessons as a whole were organized. When reviewing the course material as I was completing the final exam I had to scroll th

Cynthia 2/1/2022
Clear and concise material amounted to a great and convenient learning experience.

Vicky 2/1/2022
I dont feel save driving at the freeway lots of teenagers speeding at 110 mph also a lot of car racing between 2am 4am

Natalie 2/1/2022

Faye 2/1/2022
Very informative.

Teresa 2/1/2022
Course was easy and informative

Eun 2/1/2022
Good course

James 2/1/2022
Good common sense and a reminder of safe driving habbits

Wali 2/1/2022
Overall, the course was very excellent and I learned lots of useful things about defensive driving and I can now apply these useful skills to my daily
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