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Allen 11/1/2021
It was very easy and informative.

Charlene 11/1/2021
Good online course

Ryan 11/1/2021
It was awesome

Jose 11/1/2021
Good helpful thank you

Ricardo 11/1/2021
This was a great course

Janice 11/1/2021
Good course

Michael 11/1/2021
Easy to understand and I liked the ability to have the final exam as open-book.

Matthew 11/1/2021
Thank you. Good layout

Cynthia 11/1/2021
I am glad I found this course. It was able to complete it and remember things I forgot. Thank you.

Ethan 10/31/2021
Great course

Barry 10/31/2021
Its a great course! Thanks! Barry

Carlos 10/31/2021
Definitely a 10 super easy and love that it’s open book. Thank you

Raven  10/30/2021
I think all drivers should have to take a Traffic School Test every five years to remind us of how to be safe drivers. Thank you!

Yonas 10/30/2021
More rules and regulation example would be nice. Additional video (for visual reference) will be helpful.

Brandon 10/30/2021
The entire course was extremely helpful and insightful, thanks EasyTrafficschool!

James  10/30/2021
I liked the way the course was set up. Very easy to understand.

Tamilyn 10/30/2021
All went well

Bhupinder 10/30/2021
Very knowledgable !!!!

Salvador 10/30/2021
Great course!

Brian 10/30/2021
Great traffic school site, thank you

Troy 10/30/2021
Great Course!

Charles 10/29/2021
Excellent course

Mary 10/28/2021
Fast and easy.

Arthur 10/28/2021
Very informative

Craig 10/28/2021
Good course

Vanessa 10/28/2021
Simple and efficient

Faith 10/28/2021
The course was easy to understand, learned thorough lessons.

Hassan  10/28/2021
Great class. learned a lot.

Carole 10/28/2021
I learned a LOT. Great review! If the certification is properly handled by this company, I highly recommend the course

Elias 10/28/2021
Very convenient and reasonably priced.

Jeanette  10/28/2021
This was very informational, learned a lot

Jacob 10/28/2021
Great class!

Daniela 10/27/2021
Great class. Good overview of materials

Christian 10/27/2021
Thanks for making this easy.

Katrina  10/27/2021
Thank you for making this stressful process smooth and easy. I really liked that it saved your work that was already completed and could break it up into sessions.

Linda 10/27/2021
Very comprehensive course easy to read. I would recommend!

Denise 10/26/2021
Great class!! This should definitely be required at least once a year for refreshment! It truly helped me be more conscious of my driving and improved my skills. Definitely recommend.

Alba 10/26/2021
The course was easy reading and covered many necessary topics. The quizzes at the end of every lesson were very helpful and made taking the final exam easier. Yes I would recommend this school to family and friends.

Timothy 10/25/2021
Convenient and thorough

Joshua 10/25/2021
Thank you so much for an informative, educational and simple experience and process!! Please send me email confirmation when my certificate has been delivered to the court and accepted. I can be reached at either 818-979-3171 or [email protected]! I will refer others to your service!

Adolfo 10/25/2021
Everything was understandable.

Tiffany 10/25/2021
10, it was quick easy and straight foward, will reccomend

Heather 10/25/2021

Laura 10/25/2021
Very informative, thank you!

Elinson  10/25/2021
Amazing. Easy. Affordable.

Guadalupe 10/25/2021
Lessons are clear and easy.

Armineh 10/25/2021
Easy to follow course.

Carolina 10/24/2021
Thanks- this course was helpful and easy to use.

Stephen 10/24/2021
Program is good

Xochil  10/23/2021
Course was easy and straight to the point. I like that it had tests/quizzes at the end of each lesson which made things better to understand.

Anum 10/23/2021
Very easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend this course.

Tyler 10/23/2021
Very informative!

Michelle 10/23/2021
Does not work well in Firefox

Valerie 10/23/2021
Not much just love how fast and easy this was.

Anna 10/22/2021
Great course - thank you!

Alan  10/22/2021
The course was very easy to do.

Tania 10/22/2021
Very thoughfully laid out for easy retention. Thank you

James 10/22/2021
Great course

James  10/22/2021
Good information but some of the instructions need more pictures in order to be understood clearly. I had to read some of them 2 times in order to understand what was being said especially in the intersection topic. Pictures would have made it easier to understand.

Sylvia 10/21/2021
Easy and Fast

Dorothee 10/21/2021
It was easy to follow

Ana 10/21/2021
Very easy to take and you get your certificate right away

Yvonne 10/20/2021
The man at the traffic school George was very helpful

Mario 10/20/2021
Fast and easy

Alexandreaa 10/20/2021
Great class, loved that I could take online, anywhere and at any time

Britt 10/20/2021
Thank you for reviewing and testing only on the essential information drivers need to operate their vehicles and interact with other drivers/vehicles/road situations safely.

Raymond 10/19/2021
The course is quite helpful and easy to understand.

Angela 10/18/2021
Great course

Melissa 10/18/2021
Easy and effective course! Thank you!

Obitiye 10/18/2021
Great and easy course! Finished it super quick and learned a lot. Would definitely recommend.

Marcelino 10/18/2021
Amazing course! Super easy to follow, love the inclusion of videos + images and the tests really test your knowledge

Grant 10/18/2021
Thank you this helped me so much!!!!!

Larissa 10/17/2021
Super efficient online traffic school. Definitely will recommend it!

Michelle 10/17/2021
I learned a great deal by going through this course. It was very interesting. Thank you for providing it online.

Richard 10/16/2021
Well done course, easy to follow instructions, good value.

Erin 10/16/2021
Loved being able to stop and start again when I needed to

Kimberley 10/15/2021
I enjoyed learning this info. Very beneficial.

Fernando 10/15/2021
I like the test it was easy to understand

Fernando 10/15/2021
I like the test it was easy to understand

Caroline 10/14/2021
Very informative class and easy to understand.

Kelsey 10/14/2021
It was easy to take and get it knocked out. Thanks!

Lindsay 10/14/2021
This course was the best that I have taken in my whole life! Thank you!!! 😊😌

Liliana 10/14/2021
Very easy and simple ! Thank you

Cesar 10/14/2021
Really easy way to go through driving material. Simple to navigate and to understand.

Maria  10/13/2021
Great reading materiyal. Some lessons were lenghty and somewhat repetitive, but overall great session/reading. Thank you for your service

Sierra 10/13/2021
Great course..

Diana 10/13/2021
Quick & easy

Melissa 10/13/2021
This was great. I actually learned a lot and it was safe and convenient for me. Thank you so much.

Porchialean 10/12/2021
Thank You for providing this great service. I really love the convience of doing the test on my laptop at home. It was alot of reading and although I took breaks I was able to retain all of the information.

Tara 10/12/2021
Thank You for your help.

Mark 10/12/2021
Site did not accept a Yelp Coupon Code that I paid for.

Priscilla 10/12/2021
I would happily recommend this site to anyone who needs traffic school. It was quick, easy, informative, and age & tech friendly.

Veronica 10/12/2021
Nice and user friendly

Anna 10/12/2021
Thank you for an informative course

Diana  10/11/2021
Great course easy to understand

Juventino 10/11/2021
Great Program! I learned alot of information that I needed to be reminded of.

Guadalupe 10/11/2021
The course was easy to follow and navigate through. I would recommend this site to anyone needing to take traffic school.

Dang 10/10/2021
Need option to b

Patty 10/10/2021
Lessons are clear and easy to read.

Tyler 10/10/2021
Good course, reasonable pricing, like that I can do it whenever I have the extra time. See how the submission process goes with the state.

Bobby 10/10/2021
I did not get any corrective feedback for missed questions. but that is okay.

James 10/9/2021
You guys need a proofreader. There were lots of spots where break was used where brake was meant, and several places where words were run together. I got a laugh out of it, though...

Alberto 10/9/2021
I highly appreciate how the course is very detailed from begining to end.

Teresa 10/8/2021
The class was easy to navigate and understand

Teresa  10/8/2021
I thought this test could have been shorter and no need to take quiz at end of lessons if we taking final exam

David 10/8/2021
Those 10s above are real. This was a great way to do traffic school from home.

Chris 10/8/2021
The articles, videos and lessons were very interesting and informative.

David 10/8/2021
Actually Informatice

Miesha 10/7/2021
Very good information

Michael 10/7/2021
Incredible and very educational!

Saul 10/7/2021
Great traffic scool super easy and fast

Michael 10/7/2021
Great course

John 10/7/2021
course straight forward and informative.

Melissa 10/7/2021
Very to the point and easy to understand.

Manpreet  10/7/2021
It was a great course get to learn new thighs about traffic laws. This course was also not very big it had very important knowledge and was very easy to understand and I will recommend this course to anyone who needs it.

Jennifer 10/6/2021
Easy, fast and to the point. thank you!

Ca 10/6/2021
Great course, Thank You!

Paullette 10/6/2021
Good school easy to understand material

Jacob 10/5/2021
Thank you for helping with my test.

Martin 10/5/2021
Very easy to understand and to take the test

Noreen 10/5/2021
This was just what I needed!

Mark 10/4/2021
Effective, well-made course

Adrienne 10/4/2021
Very informative learning. Really liked the person who responded to my phone call and set this up for me.

Kelly 10/4/2021
Thank you!!

Bobby 10/4/2021
Great course i easy.totake would recommend to everyone

Frankie 10/4/2021
Very easy and more important informational

Gustavo 10/4/2021
Process was easy. Course work was great and convenient.

Arturo 10/3/2021
The information included in the course is vast and helps to remember the all the principles for a safe driving. Although some of the topics are somewhat repetitive, I recommend this traffic school course.

Juliana 10/3/2021
Lots of great information that I plan to put into practice.

Susan 10/3/2021
Loved this course would recommend to friends and family!

Jennifer 10/2/2021
At login only my DL could be used, not my email address, although it was stated to be acceptable.

Romeo 10/2/2021
Very good, straight to the point course.

Romeo 10/2/2021
Very good, straight to the point course.

Stephen  10/2/2021
This course was very informative and instructional.

Bobby 10/2/2021
Very cool and I learned a few things I hadnt ever thought of

Nick 10/2/2021
Awesome! Thank you!

Judy 10/1/2021
I found it easy and informative

Aidan 10/1/2021
Easy to complete and quick to finish.

Vanessa 10/1/2021
Great Course

Oscar 9/30/2021
The course was very helpful and informative. Very easy to follow and understand.

Tammy  9/30/2021
The question where if parked uphill, it said to turn your wheels to the left as the answer. this doesnt quite sound right.

Carlos 9/30/2021
Called school a few times. Guy in the other side of the line very helpful, courteous and respectful.

Mohammad 9/30/2021
Excellent service, absolutely fast.

Alma 9/30/2021
A lot of reading but worth it! Straight forward and easy to read.

Riley 9/30/2021
Easy and straight to the point

Jason  9/29/2021
Was a great online course easy to use as I live out of state where I received my ticket

Lynwood 9/29/2021
I thank you for allowing the ability to take the course online

Johnny 9/29/2021
Easy to follow.

Veronica 9/29/2021
Good course, it would be helpful to have a table of contents to know how many sections are in each chapter ahead of time.

Margarita 9/29/2021
Great website, very easy and helpful

Gail 9/29/2021
I wish there was more discussion about HOV lanes and the myriad single-double-white lane dividers and what they mean.

Lois 9/29/2021
There were a lot of sections that are very repetitive and could have been condensed. But I am not sure it was designed to be like that because to meet word requirements to be an online course. Also, there should be a syllabus of the lessons and to show how much progress has been made while taking the course.

Nt 9/29/2021
Great course.

Yvonne 9/29/2021
Great Online School. This is my 2nd time unfortunately but was a great school to complete

Raquel 9/29/2021
Great course.

Artin 9/28/2021
The course was very straight forward and helped refresh my knowledge on Traffic laws. Thank you for this program especially in this days of the pandemic.

Milagros 9/28/2021
When contacting sometraffic schools from the schhol list provided on the website, they are not very helpful into guiding you to the right person. Either their site is shut down or they are no longer accepting students is what they will say.

Mary 9/28/2021
Easy, thorough and very useful in refreshing existing laws and regulations and informative of new laws an regulation.

Diana  9/27/2021
I found this course to be quite informational and helpful.

Carina 9/27/2021
Great information!

Carlos  9/27/2021
I did everything on line!

Federico 9/26/2021
Was very informative

Deborah  9/26/2021
The only thing that frustrated me about this course is that it took hours to go thru, and part of the reason for that was there was too much redundancy in it. Kind of irritating. Other than that it was fine.

Maria 9/26/2021
Too much information to read

Daniella 9/26/2021
The course was easy to follow and complete!

Peter  9/26/2021
Honestly the course was fun really enjoyed it

Rajdeep 9/26/2021
Great course. Appreciate the ease of use.

Julianne 9/26/2021
Easy to use and makes sense

Hiroko 9/26/2021
Thank you very much for the detailed course and clear instructions.

Aidan 9/26/2021
Great, thanks

Brizey 9/25/2021
Great class. Thank you!

Angeline 9/25/2021
It is long but good

Travis 9/24/2021
As advertised ... easy and convenient!

Michael 9/24/2021
The gentleman who helped me on the phone finalize my lesson was very informative and patient.

Alina 9/24/2021
Great class!

Cesar 9/24/2021
Easy to follow!

Ruben 9/23/2021
Great course!

Larry 9/23/2021
Scored 25/25…but the course took longer than I thought.

Xicotenga 9/23/2021
Good course

Javier 9/23/2021
Thanks for the help. Was interesting and learn a few things.

Carla 9/23/2021
Great school

Luis 9/22/2021
Really grateful for this thorough, online option.

Dylan 9/22/2021
Great course

Chris 9/22/2021
Great question to make sure people need to know

Bradley 9/22/2021
Great course efficient and educational.

Vangie  9/21/2021
Great and easy to use

Edward 9/21/2021
Thank you so much!

Charles 9/21/2021
Thankyou for a good program and support.

Jacob 9/21/2021
The course contained a large amount of pertinent information and was written well.

Adis 9/21/2021
I am hoping this course applies to 8 and 12 hours of traffic schooling mandates.

David 9/21/2021
Current, concise, well organized, and applicable. Much thanks, David

Tracy 9/20/2021
Helpful, thanks

Naveen 9/20/2021
Nice Material

Tari 9/20/2021
Good and easy to follow

Leticia 9/20/2021
Great class

Emmanuel 9/20/2021
Maybe could be useful more videos, In some cases, it could be more illustrated

Jennifer 9/19/2021
Great course, easy to use!

Gilverto 9/19/2021
Feel good about this course. Thanks

Sierra 9/19/2021
Great course, if I have to, I will use this service again.

Anabel 9/19/2021
Easy to use

Gautam 9/19/2021
The course timed out a few times...

Chialili 9/19/2021
I really like your material and have learned a lot of value information. I will recommend to my family and friends.

Jessica 9/18/2021
This course was very easy to follow.

Laura 9/17/2021
Here is the Traffic School Code shown on my Citation: 56100. Thank you for your assistance.

Laura 9/17/2021
Informative, easy test.

Rommel 9/17/2021
Topics are well organize. There are few items that repetitive but i guess its a good thing because that way i have a great chance to remember the materials.

Luciano 9/16/2021
Very good course.

Francesca  9/16/2021
Fast and easy

Dahlia 9/16/2021
Easy and very informative.

Diana 9/16/2021

Celeste 9/15/2021
Easy course to understand. I was able to do each course once a day during my lunch.

James 9/15/2021
Thank you for providing simple but helpful material. God Bless!!!

Jelberte 9/15/2021
Very well informative test!

Pedro 9/14/2021
Fast and easy!

Maria 9/14/2021
Clear and concise

Randi 9/14/2021
It wasnt to bad I would recommend.

Kobe 9/14/2021
Very great course guys

Shinya 9/14/2021
Actually, I received answers to my questions (I called 3 or 4 times) immediately, except for the one time I had to leave a message, but I received call back in less than 3 minutes. I found the instructors to be very helpful and very easy to talk to.

Heather 9/14/2021
This course was thorough and easy to use.

Matthew 9/14/2021
The course stood up to its name.

Melissa 9/13/2021
There was a technical glitch which wouldnt let me log back in but the person on the phone fixed it right away. Very helpful thank you

Kendrick 9/13/2021
The course was very information and helped me understand the traffic regulations and laws better.

Susan 9/13/2021
I need to make sure that someone assures that my certificate will be sent to the courthouse and what other steps I need to take? To make sure that my results were turned in for deadline. Thank you.

Dwayne 9/13/2021
It was a good course and straight to the point. I would tell other about the class.

Gracielle  9/13/2021
Thank you for helping me pass.

Veronica 9/12/2021
Love that I can make it at home, in my time.

Victor 9/12/2021
Great course with great information

Melecio 9/11/2021
Course was easy to read and quiz questions related to reading.

Brandon 9/11/2021

Casandra  9/10/2021
Well written. Informative

Paula 9/10/2021
When I called about the class I did ask how long it would take and I was told it was an 8 hour class but it could be completed in approximately 2 hours. I missed one question on all quizzes and none on the final test and I read everything and took notes. No way could anyone do this class in 2 hours. it took me about 5 hours

Lisa 9/10/2021

Christina 9/10/2021
This was a very positive experience and reminded me of the basics. This is a priviledge and always be courteous. THank you!

Sascha 9/9/2021
Course is definitely very helpful. I learned quite a few things going through this course, even after been driving for many years . Thank you

Kevin 9/9/2021
It was straight to the point and was helpful. Highly recommend!

Patrick 9/9/2021
I was very happy with the course.

Ayako 9/9/2021
Pretty straightforward forward, would recommend to others

Mai 9/9/2021
I have learned valuable lessons which serve to refresh both mentally and driving skills. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend this course to all who needs it.

Ana 9/9/2021
Very easy and fast

Curtis 9/9/2021
Just a few notable typos. One is the first time you stated 800 feet to pass + 800 feet for oncoming traffic = 800 feet. Second time was corrected to = 1600 feet.

Mike 9/8/2021
Very fast and easy to review.

Flora 9/8/2021
This course was informative with easy to follow instructions. Im glad to have participated, I learned many new things and it was also a good refresher for me. Thanks.

Christopher 9/8/2021
Was a good class. Thank you.

Paul 9/8/2021
Great course! Thank you!

Cristian  9/7/2021
Some questions are poorly worded, leaving interpretation up to test taker. For example, when asked about uphill parking, its not stated if the car is on a one way or two way street. Tires can be left or right depending on the street type and which side of street the car is parked.

Chad 9/7/2021
Great experience. Easy and will definitely recommend to friends and family

Miguel 9/7/2021
Very well constructed website and quiz system, efficient. The lessons themselves are very organized.

Anna 9/7/2021
The courses was great, clear and step-by-step instruction how to complete the sections. Some helpful remark at the end of each sections "you can do it" gives positive feeling that you will pass the final. Thanks

Anna 9/7/2021
The courses was great, clear and step-by-step instruction how to complete the sections. Some helpful remark at the end of each sections "you can do it" gives positive feeling that you will pass the final. Thanks

Luis 9/7/2021
Thank you for making this course so easy to follow and especially for making it easy to return the my spot after I would log off! It was all easy to read and thanks for including a few videos along the way.

Byan 9/7/2021
Great course relearned thing that i forgot. Would be nice to have more videos

German 9/6/2021
Great material

Elim 9/6/2021
Great refresher course!

Jorge 9/6/2021
Thank you so much for this wonderful course. I learned a lot.

Mariana 9/6/2021
Very easy and doable course.

Adriana 9/6/2021
Great resource and information provided to complete the required sections and exam.

Gregory 9/5/2021
Good course

Monica 9/4/2021
Great information

Joyce 9/4/2021
Didnt appreciate all the additional fees not listed until after spending hours reviewing the material.

Miguel 9/4/2021
Excellent course, very common sense scenarios that are encountered every day out on the roads.

Anna  9/3/2021
Great course

Shannon  9/3/2021
Easy to maneuver and informative

Raj 9/3/2021
Quick and easy to read. The process was smooth.

Trung 9/3/2021
Great course very informative

Chisato  9/2/2021
Simple and seamless experience

Enrrique 9/2/2021
I honestly loved how easy they made to take the test no loving around and looking where to take it and can take a break from it if needed then go log back in if needed

Ethan  9/2/2021
This was a great course and it was very informative

Irwin 9/2/2021
Great class

David 9/2/2021
The course was very easy to follow and to the point learned a lot and was able to completed it all on online via my PC.

Craig 9/1/2021
Very easy to read and take the test.

Dakota 9/1/2021
School was very helpful and enjoyable to take

Caren 9/1/2021
This course took over 12 hours, but I had no problems with the website.

Mason 8/31/2021
Pretty nice thank you

Yureli 8/31/2021
I really recommend this. I had been trying to look for some classes to take on line but there where not as good price as here. I loved it. You can do the class on your own pase. And start from where you left off and when finished you get see your certificate right away and they sent it to your court too so i recommend this to anymore thay had to do traffic school.

Danielle 8/30/2021
Super easy and user friendly

Karina 8/30/2021
Well formatted, quizzes were helpful, process was straightforward, and final exam results were instant.

Francisco 8/30/2021
It was an easy and understandable course.

Erika 8/30/2021
Its one of the best traffic schools Ive taken on line

Lawrence 8/30/2021
Amazing, learned so much!

Tinghua 8/30/2021
The course is very helpful.

Tavia 8/30/2021
This school was amazing and excellent

Kenneth 8/30/2021
Easy test thank you!

Yureli 8/30/2021
This course exited my expectations. I learned a lot and everything I needed to know was in this course.

David 8/29/2021
Thank you. It help me out a lot.

Nelson 8/29/2021
The course is well written, easy to read/understand

Mary 8/29/2021
Great lessons, easy to follow. Thanks!

Devin 8/29/2021
Great course.

Justin 8/29/2021
Very thorough reading material which outlined perfectly the knowledge I needed to know.

Patrick 8/29/2021
Very easy and affordable!!

Onelia 8/29/2021
Super helpful and I learned a lot. It refreshed me with the traffic rules and regulations

Celesta 8/27/2021
Thank you for providing this online school during Covid-19.

Tyler 8/27/2021
Thanks for being simple and available!

Karla 8/27/2021
Keep up the good website! User friendly.

Kevin 8/27/2021
Great Program!

Huy 8/27/2021
Great online test and it is very informative.

Eliazar 8/27/2021
Great class thanks

Barbara 8/26/2021
I so enjoyed this course that when I retire I plan on taking more like course because I learned so much. Thank you for all your well presented information.

Ryan 8/26/2021
Thank you for allowing me to do the traffic school;.

John 8/26/2021
The course was good for its purpose.

Celerina 8/25/2021

Nathan 8/25/2021
For open book final exam allow testers to view section and chapter names instead of all the course material on one page.

Alejandro 8/25/2021
It was quick and easy!!

Nathanael 8/25/2021
Great Course .

Javier 8/25/2021
I love how they made it easy and well able to understand the course.

Riley 8/24/2021
Some information in the later lessons was repeated from earlier lessons.

Damien 8/24/2021
Thank you so much for this opportunity! I will definitely recommend your traffic school to a friend or friends who are in need.

Nick 8/24/2021
Very enjoyable and informative!

Raymond 8/24/2021
Very helpful course

Ismaeel 8/23/2021
Zx zXCaxdas

Nadine 8/23/2021
Easy to understand.

Anthony 8/23/2021
Thanks for the test and awareness

Carey 8/23/2021
I was so impressed when I called at 11pm on a Friday night and someone answered so I could report website issues.

Cathy 8/23/2021
Easy to follow and understand

Sofia 8/23/2021
Really helpful and really easy to complete!

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I was moved to this section before I provided reasoning for the two answers I missed. On the first I missed I was unsure if the correct answer was when the police allow you to disobey traffic rules or never, but I see it would be when allowed by law enforcement. Second, I misclicked on the question regarding U.S. combat versus traffic accidents.

Everardo 8/18/2021
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Alfonso 8/13/2021
Great course. Very informative and easy to follow

Alfonso 8/13/2021
Great course. Very informative and easy to follow

Alfonso 8/13/2021
Great course. Very informative and easy to follow

Alfonso 8/13/2021
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Mitchell 8/8/2021
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Please review the grammar and sentence structure of the sections in this course, there are multiple errors that prove distracting. Also, maybe there could be some sort of heads-up for how many subsections will be within each section so other students can be better able to determine how much time they need complete each section. Apart from that, straight to the point and easy to understand.

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