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Bulmaro 8/1/2021
This traffic school was more then easy to handle and get done in time, I didnt feel rushed because I didnt have an instructor on my back, I was able to finish it in my own time, and I didnt feel dumb for messing up any quizzes because I knew I could go back review and try again.

Jerri 8/1/2021
I am happy to learn here.

Rafael 8/1/2021
Great that I could pause and continue without starting over and being able to pick up where I left off. Very easy to understand and broken down in a good manner

Luis  8/1/2021
Easy to take

Michael 7/31/2021
Great course, great instruction, and highly recommend it.

Hopi 7/31/2021

Tracy 7/31/2021
Excellent online driving school. Would definitely recommend!

Kevin 7/31/2021
It was a great course

Reddick 7/31/2021
Easy and very convenient..

Felipe 7/30/2021
Great user experience! Love the pictures!

Gabriel 7/30/2021
Very good course. thank you

Ricardo 7/29/2021
I would like options of purchasing the other options after I am complete. Who do I contact for this?

Vanessa 7/29/2021
A great and informative course.

Asha 7/29/2021
Great online school.. easy & straight to the point. I recommend!

Jose 7/28/2021
Lessons were easy to understand

Kelly  7/28/2021
Good course. Easy to follow

Richard 7/28/2021
Great fast!

Melvin 7/28/2021
Great content! I actually learned a few things. Thank you!

Alexandria 7/28/2021
Very easy to understand.

Jennifer  7/28/2021
Great and easy course.

Matthew 7/28/2021
Quick and easy

Jasmine 7/28/2021
Easy course thank you!

Maxim 7/27/2021
Great course! Very informative!

Terrance 7/27/2021
Great School & easy to complete.

Priscilla 7/26/2021
Thank you !

Michael 7/26/2021
Great Thanks

Angel  7/26/2021
Great course, will def recommend.

Victor 7/25/2021
Better than expected!

Miguel 7/25/2021
Great school, was easy to understand the questions.

Negar 7/25/2021
It was very easy to follow the instructions, also the lessons were very helpful and well organized.

Aline 7/24/2021
I had a little technical issue with the final exam so I called the school and I was able to get help right away. This school is very helpful.

Griselda 7/24/2021
Everything was well explained and easy to understand

Julie 7/24/2021
This course was awesome. I really enjoyed taking it and learning more about the rules of the road along with how to drive safely.

Carter 7/24/2021
All the questions made a lot of sense and I understand exactly what I did wrong and why us was dangerous 10 out of 10 on this traffic school

Sharon 7/24/2021
Good course

Howard 7/24/2021
Not difficult

Isaiah 7/23/2021
I was very pleased with this traffic school.

Chelsea 7/22/2021
Easy and quick

Darren 7/21/2021
Easy to use and follow. Being able to have my progress saved so I could complete the course over a multiple days was a big benefit.

Patrick  7/21/2021
Thank you for the quick and easy school

Reynaldo 7/21/2021
Good material

Robert 7/21/2021
Very continent. 10 out of 10 stars

Freddy 7/20/2021
Great course. thank you

Freddy 7/20/2021
Great course. thank you

Joseph 7/20/2021
Thanks for your help

Carmen 7/19/2021
This was easy to follow...Thanks!

Cecelia 7/19/2021
Great program

Cecelia 7/19/2021
Great program

Michael 7/19/2021
I recommend this course.

Luis 7/19/2021
Understandable lessons

Todd 7/19/2021
Super easy and fast

Manikandan 7/18/2021
Easy to follow!

George 7/18/2021
I did have to contact school because of a "loading error" that prevented continuance of traffic school about an hour into the process. Someone at CA Traffic School answered promptly, reset the test from his end and asked me to lo0g in again 5 minutes later. I was able to continue without further interruption and didnt lose the results of the first several quizzes Id taken prior to the SNAFU.

Randi 7/17/2021
Very user fruendly

Elizabeth 7/17/2021
I was able to talk to an instructor to get me enrolled in time to help me.

Frank 7/17/2021
Very satisfied

Apostolos 7/17/2021
Excellent course and I would highly recommend it to others.

Mitchell 7/17/2021

Andrew 7/17/2021
Good Program

Corinne 7/17/2021
Answered 5 because I felt that it was too soon to determine if I received everything the school promised when I registered, This should really be a follow up question.

Magda 7/16/2021
Best traffic school!!! Very easy to understand.

Deana 7/16/2021
Excellent course, I learned a lot of new things.

Prisilla 7/15/2021
Straight forward and simple thanks!

Richard 7/15/2021
There were some typos but really good course. thank you

David 7/15/2021
I did all through online process. Only confirmed through email.

Perisa 7/15/2021
Good insight and knowledge on driving and the rules

Jose 7/15/2021
Very helpful and Information.

Ruth 7/15/2021
Thank you! easy to follow.

Susan 7/15/2021
I had the best experience.

Julio 7/14/2021
Helpfull Course

Stephanie 7/14/2021
Easy to understand, quick to complete, highly recommend for those with little time to complete.

Leticia 7/14/2021
I liked at the end where it let me know the correct answers to the ones I missed

Ryan 7/14/2021
10- super easy and user friendly. I expected a terrible time but theyre basic common sense questions. Super happy with the service and website!

Robin 7/14/2021
Thank you, very quick and easy

Adam 7/14/2021
Great class. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ali 7/14/2021
Hi Guys , I recommend this school to everybody , it is so easy and fast , especially for second language.

Virginie 7/13/2021
Nicely explained and easy to follow

Rogelio 7/13/2021
This particular web base training is very informative with great and current information. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who needs to take a traffic lesson or to be educated with the current laws regarding traffic and driving regulations.

Ali 7/13/2021

Don 7/13/2021
This was not easy and very Informative. I am very happy that I chose your school and will be a better Driver/Citizen for it :-) Thank you, Don.

Fabio 7/12/2021
Great! Thank you

Rodney 7/12/2021
I paid through Group Ponds for the course , I had to pay again , nothing was said about that , were do I need to go to get a refund , thanks

Flor 7/12/2021
Crear course

Monique 7/12/2021
Awesome course!

Robert 7/11/2021
Hopefully this gets processed timely and properly! thank you

Joshua 7/11/2021
Awesome course , was really nice to refresh my views on driving

Mario 7/11/2021
This course has been a good refresh of driving knowledge.

Christian 7/11/2021
Course was very helpful and straightforward.

Scott 7/10/2021
Course material is easy for someone who reads quickly. However, paragraphs are very wordy and critical facts could be better communicated by information mapping techniques (bullet points, more graphics). Pictures, diagrams, and humor were good - use more. More visual, less words!

Arianna 7/10/2021
Super easy and straight forward course

Diego 7/9/2021
Good traffic school, cover almost all important rules and laws for driving

Lin 7/9/2021
It is very helpful refreshing of the traffic rules. Thank you.

Santyna 7/9/2021
Awesome online traffic school course!

Rosana 7/9/2021
Simple and easy course to follow.

Alexis 7/8/2021
Very frustrated I had to pay extra for the class plus getting notified when the court got my test results. other than that course was fine.

Laura 7/8/2021
Very thorough and relevant. Thank you.

Elliott 7/8/2021
Good course informative

Adnan 7/8/2021
Thanks for your help

Yanett 7/7/2021
I’m 100% happy I choose this traffic school

Fortino 7/7/2021

Norma 7/7/2021
Would have been 10/10 if it didnt repeat the same subjects multiple times

Juan 7/7/2021

Ryan 7/7/2021
Super friendly

Martyn 7/7/2021
Fast and easy service for Traffic School!

Ruth 7/7/2021
Who would recommend a traffic school?!

Ignacio 7/6/2021
Great online traffic school.

Daniel 7/6/2021
Great resource - and I think I learned a few things.

Jan 7/6/2021
Good info. Well organized.

Brian 7/6/2021
Easy, fast, painless.

Sheng-yang 7/5/2021
Clear and concise, thank you

Steven 7/5/2021
This was a great course! I learned a lot.

Tatyana 7/5/2021
Can answer on cell phone. But course was very easy to understand and navigate.

Richard 7/5/2021
Loved the course , extremely helpful.

Colin 7/5/2021
Self explanatory, smooth process

Walid 7/5/2021
So quick and easy, loved that I was able to take traffic school from the comfort of my home.

Christina 7/5/2021
I am a visual learner, so the aid with pictures was, in my opinion, very helpful.

Alfredo 7/5/2021
Fast and easy

Miles 7/4/2021
This is great course to get your traffic school done easy and quick!

Karla  7/3/2021
Great course

Kent 7/3/2021
Was simple and didnt take long

Clifford 7/3/2021
Easy Peasy, learned a few things, I am reminded of more.

Darlene 7/2/2021
Excellent course! I would use it again if needed.

Collin 7/1/2021
This course was easily accessible and made it easy for me to get done with my schedule. Material was relevant and was to the point.

Mario 7/1/2021
Best school by far

Crispin 7/1/2021
Good course

Alyssa 7/1/2021
No feedback

Brittany 7/1/2021
This course was easier, I loved that if you struggled you can go back and review. It answered every questioned

Yesenia 6/30/2021
Very convenient during pandemic and avoid being exposed to others

Jose 6/30/2021
Easy to answer and manage.

Jose 6/30/2021
Easy to answer and manage.

Carol 6/30/2021
Had no problems, great course

Heather 6/29/2021
Great course!

Pamela 6/29/2021
This was easy - and I actually did learn a couple of things! - and certainly refreshed my memory on others.

Annie 6/28/2021
This was the easiest and most convenient traffic school I have ever attended. Thanks!

Eric 6/28/2021
Instructor was very honest and straight forward and instructions were very clear. And very affordable. Thank you guys. Well recommended.

Daniel 6/28/2021
Thank you so much

Andrew 6/28/2021
The course was very informative. I am glad the course was self-pace, enabling me to take notes for inclusion to my memory and to assist with a few answers on the final test. Thank you very much.

Manuel 6/28/2021
Great traffic school

Daniel 6/27/2021
Easy to take the course and test but also a very informative reminder and review.

Trent 6/27/2021
It was easy and quick

Troy 6/26/2021
The online course easy to follow

Mary 6/25/2021
Easy to use website

Peter 6/25/2021
This was a great experience

Ibrahem 6/25/2021
Thank you for this straightforward and not too difficult to understand course

Jaece 6/24/2021
It was wonderful, a great eye-opener! :)

Gemini 6/24/2021
Very informative

Carlos 6/24/2021
Great material, thanks.

Cynthia 6/23/2021
Great course and very informative.

Austin 6/22/2021
Great instruction with valid information.

Diana 6/21/2021
Very easy to follow and explanations were very helpful

Alejandro 6/21/2021
It was a fast and easy process, I learned a lot from the material as well.

Felicia 6/21/2021
Course was very detailed and easy to follow. I would highly recommend to others. Thanks.

Avelino 6/21/2021
Excellent learning lesson.

Erin 6/20/2021
The course material was repetitive, so it was easy to remember. And I learned something new.

Sara 6/20/2021
Really liked this course, really fast and clear instructions.

Alejandro 6/19/2021
Great and Informative

Marisa 6/18/2021
Very pleased with this course

Jennifer 6/18/2021
Great course. When I initially called to get information the customer service rep gave all the information.

Diego 6/17/2021
The test was very informative. I learned a lot.

Hyesoo 6/17/2021
It is so easy to take a class and test like its name.

Victor 6/17/2021
Working as an essential worker this was the best way to take traffic school

Kathy 6/17/2021
Super easy to read and understand the test

Nicholas  6/17/2021
This was easier than the original drivers ed.

Trisha 6/16/2021
Good refresher and I learned some things I didn’t know.

Robert 6/15/2021
This course really updated me on new laws that I was in aware off. Definitely a lot of value in the way the course is written.

Andrew 6/15/2021
Great course, thank you

Louis 6/15/2021
Great school thank you so much

Shiana 6/14/2021
Thank you for making this easy to understand

Santokh 6/14/2021
Sah vry nice

Martin 6/14/2021
Good Course

Jose 6/14/2021
I dont have anything to compare it to, but I think this is a well-built resource. Thank you for your service.

Leonel 6/13/2021
Great on online class

Raymond 6/13/2021
Great learning course.

Cindy 6/13/2021
There were some minor grammatical errors and misspellings in the reading material.

Mark 6/13/2021
Informative, educational and easy.

Kailey 6/13/2021
This helped

Yolanda  6/12/2021
Quick, easy, inexpensive, and informative.

Rachel 6/12/2021
Very good info. I feel better prepared

Ronak 6/11/2021
Great info and recap of what is needed to drive safely on the road!

Anabel 6/11/2021
Easy and fast

Cynthia 6/11/2021
Very easy to take, thank you for the logical organization.

Percy 6/11/2021
Great online traffic school! Got it done quickly and was able to learn from it too.

Vu 6/11/2021
It was an easy course that you are able to log out and log back into easily. Highly recommended to others if they need to do a traffic school. Not pricey so its affordable.

Miko 6/11/2021
The course was definitely an eye opener, and easy to pass. Short and concise! Good job guys!

Alejandro 6/11/2021

Enrique 6/11/2021
Had a connection issue, whether it was my device or the server but somehow I was able to do the Final Exam, and pass. Great system.

Oghenekevwe 6/10/2021
So easy to navigate

Juridia 6/10/2021
Thank you! Great Class!!

Adrina 6/9/2021
Thanks was an easy guide.

Yessenia 6/9/2021
Very educational course. I appreciated the ease of access to all of the online content.

Laura 6/9/2021
Easy to navigate - information was succinct and clear. Thank you.

Jesus 6/8/2021
Lot of important materials covered. I find the course content very easy to understand. Ive learned immensely and have refreshed my knowledge to strictly comply with traffic laws.

Brenda 6/8/2021
This was user friendly and easy to understand.

Ryan 6/8/2021
Great class and easy to follow.

Sarah 6/7/2021
Very easy to learn and review-thank you!

Laura  6/7/2021
Easy course and well written

Donovan 6/6/2021
This course was actually really helpful. Im not the type of person to sit down and read but with all the pictures it helped me understand it even more. I highly recommend this course to anyone that need to know the safety requirements of driving.

Lisa 6/6/2021
I text the school and they responded quickly.

Ronald C.  6/5/2021

Arturo 6/4/2021
Great content

Ron 6/4/2021
I found, that through this course, there were many traffic laws and safety rules that I was unaware of.

Michelle 6/4/2021
Good information

Chao 6/4/2021
Web design user friendly. Excellent customer service. I got quick response to resolve code redemption problem. good price. Recommend.

Rudy  6/3/2021
Excellent course information.

Gary 6/3/2021
It was easy to use and pretty easy to navigate. It's great that they send your certificate straight to the court so you don't have to. Highly recommend if you are eligible for traffic school.

Maritza 6/2/2021
Very good course and easy to understand, I will recommended to friends and family

Rafael 6/1/2021
Help and review about the laws while driving

Steven 6/1/2021
Great Class. Great format

Wilber 6/1/2021
Very detailed, thank you.

Chris 6/1/2021
Great course

Christine 5/31/2021
Course had a lot of redundant information

Israel 5/31/2021
Very trough out course and information was relatively easy to learn.

Marco 5/31/2021
Great course very informative.

Lea 5/31/2021
Nor sure why I’m paying both a traffic school fee of $70 abs then another fee at the end of the class.

Virginia 5/30/2021
So easy to understand thanks

Robert 5/30/2021
This online course was very helpful to me. I learned things I never knew before. I learned how to be more aware on the road.

Andrew 5/30/2021
The lessons are super easy to follow to set you up to succeed!

Stuart 5/29/2021
There was a typographical error in the final exam. It should have read-

Chris 5/29/2021
Much longer than expected, but overall very informative. Maybe not suggesting that it can be done in one sitting since it encourages people to speed through the information.

Kiril 5/28/2021
It was easy to understand and the questions for the most part were straight forward.

Liangbei  5/27/2021
Looks good!

Rafael 5/27/2021
Great course!

Gustavo 5/27/2021
This course was very well written and the supporting documentation and reading material really helped me to complete the courses. I learned a lot from these sessions - THANKS!!

Thien 5/27/2021
The Course was easily understood and to the point. No Trick or riddle questions.

Alyx 5/27/2021
Super quick and easy definitely would recommend to anyone

Winston L. 5/26/2021
This was a very informative course. Im so happy that I took it and learned so much more about the safety of driving.

Sameera 5/26/2021
Super easy to read and very informative!!

Aldair 5/26/2021
Couldnt have picked a better course

Erika  5/26/2021
It was very helpful to take this lesson it help me know of the potential hazards there is while driving

Amber 5/25/2021
This traffic school was great very straight forward and easy to maneuver through. Would definitely recommend it

Cortney 5/25/2021
Great course!

Dong 5/24/2021

Judith 5/24/2021
Very quick and easy

Alan 5/23/2021
Good lesson

Monica 5/22/2021
Great customer service!

Joseph 5/21/2021
I love this traffic school!

Antonio 5/21/2021
Easy to read and absorb information.

Monica  5/21/2021
Nice was a very easy way to leaned

Rebecca 5/21/2021
Great and self paced. Could take breaks which I needed since I am currently injured.

Michael 5/21/2021
Great review for old drivers and great info for new drivers

Yanxian 5/20/2021
I learned a valuable lesson

Jose 5/19/2021
Aprendí algo valioso que puede ayudarme

Mark 5/19/2021
Fun educational and painless! I recommend your course!

Paul 5/19/2021
Very professional

Keith 5/18/2021
Course was great

Luis 5/18/2021
Great test, ty

Richard 5/18/2021
Great Course, I would recommend it to anyone for review of driving requirements and good driving habits

Allen 5/17/2021
Should inform us of the fees before starting the lessons. I was led to believe that the lesson was already paid for with the fee I paid to the court.

Maria 5/17/2021
It was a great online traffic school. Was able to finish in less than a day and it was not too difficult to read. A lot of the material refreshed my memory from when I was studying for my license a while back.

Kenneth 5/17/2021
Considering when I called, my question of insuring my completion of the exam sent to the court the same day as taking the exam answered withe "yes", I am very satisfied. Thank you

Genail 5/16/2021
This course was great! Well structured and I learned a lot.

Sayaka 5/16/2021
Thank you for the a lot of details of traffic rule. it was very clear and specific.

Dana 5/16/2021
Great value.

Christina 5/16/2021
Awesome Course! Thank you!

Y 5/16/2021
I like it. Its pretty detailed.

Naomi 5/16/2021
Very simple, easy navigation.

Alexandra 5/15/2021
The reading was a lot but it was very informative. I got a chance to go over what I learned a few years back and it was refreshing.

Fernando 5/15/2021
Course material was precise and important. It focuses on the major points. I would highly recommend course to any friends or family.

Bambi 5/14/2021
Very good course! I learned a lot!

Yvonne 5/13/2021
Great course!

William  5/13/2021
The gentlemen I spoke to on the phone was very reassuring and encouraging, disarming any anxiety I had about test taking

Jesse 5/13/2021
Nice n clear understanding

Amithy 5/12/2021
No feedback

Miguel 5/10/2021
This course was by far the best online class I have ever participated in. I will definitely recommend and use again if needed. Thank you for the awesome experience.

Ashley 5/10/2021
This was a great online traffic experience

Collin 5/10/2021

Andrew 5/9/2021

Bruce 5/8/2021
It went well. Material was easy to understand. Thank You.

Phung 5/8/2021
Well organized course, great detail.

Thomas 5/8/2021
Very satisfactory

Myra 5/8/2021
10. Certification was very straight forward.

Christopher 5/7/2021
Would recommend to anyone needing it done asap

Jerrold 5/7/2021
Sweet and easy course.

Lorena 5/6/2021
Really easy and convenient

Christian  5/6/2021
Great Course

Gabrielle 5/5/2021
This online traffic school was very easy to use and was very helpful. Thank you

Gary 5/5/2021
I appreciated the course. I learned a lot. Thank you for an excellent web site.

William 5/4/2021
You charge to much

Jordan 5/4/2021
Quick, easy, and very helpful to understand. Thank you for this opportunity.

Nicole  5/3/2021
Easy to get through! Would recommend!

Victor 5/3/2021
This course was incredibly useful and helpful. I love the fact that I could work on it at any time of the day. Overall it was amazing!

Angel  5/3/2021

Hanssel  5/3/2021
Course was very good.

Wilialdo 5/3/2021
Great school

Wanida 5/2/2021
I appreciate this online course.

Jessica 5/2/2021
There are several typos within the course. This didn’t affect learning but thought you may want to know. Starting in lesson 6 and the final one was in lesson 8.

Nathan 5/2/2021
Great course

Preston 5/2/2021
GREAT COURSE! Easy and made my insurance life easy as well.

Crystal 5/1/2021
I made it George!

Claire 5/1/2021
Good course!

Harvin 4/30/2021
Nice and easy!

Hamza 4/29/2021
Very fast and simple! Thank you!!

Takiyah 4/28/2021
This was very user friendly and easy to follow. Better than any other traffic school course I have taken in the past. Thank you!

Leidy 4/28/2021
Great Course, Easy to understand.

Billy 4/28/2021
This was the First I ever taken traffic school online, I think it if very convenient for adults like me with busy schedule.. thank you for online services...

Fabian 4/28/2021
Thank you for the course.

Walter 4/27/2021
Thank you for this inline traffic course, it was very informative.

Terese 4/27/2021
Very easy and fast.Thank you!

Hannah 4/27/2021
It really was easy, thank you!

Oksana  4/26/2021
Super easy to understand and simple process. Thanks!

Katja 4/26/2021
Good course

Diana 4/26/2021
Painless! Thank you

Saul 4/26/2021
Great material. Easy to read and very informative.

Lawrence 4/25/2021
Answered right away when I called and was very helpful! Easy to do. Finished fast.

Keith 4/25/2021
10 if the Certificate is received by the court in time.

Maria 4/25/2021
I like the way that it gave me pretty easy questions, and it was helpful for my future driving.

Portia 4/24/2021
This was easy and simple.

Emely 4/23/2021
Good course but should be easier to navigate to search

Ashraf 4/23/2021
Thank you for making it easy.

Kimberly 4/22/2021
Great School.

Jason 4/21/2021
Great course!

Sarah 4/21/2021
Fast, easy to understand

Zachary 4/21/2021
This school was fantastic and an amazing and convenient in helping me through and with completing my driving school.

Jennifer 4/20/2021
Easy to understand and I learned all new laws.

Edward 4/20/2021
Very easy to understand

Derrick  4/20/2021
Great great school would refer

Holly 4/20/2021
Quick and easy traffic school!

Amy 4/19/2021
Easy and well-designed!

Christopher 4/19/2021
Easy to follow

James 4/19/2021
Good class!

Richard 4/18/2021
First time doing Traffic School. Thank you, it was easy and i learned some great facts about Driving.

Jonathan 4/17/2021
ITS the Best traffic school online

Nicole  4/17/2021
Great course, easy to read and understand.

Stephanie 4/17/2021
Everything was excellent and great customer services when needed! Thank you!

Caroline 4/17/2021
Thank you for this course.: it’s affordable, easy to learn

Raylene  4/16/2021
Thank you for all the information , Easy to understand.

Yolanda 4/16/2021
Thanks its was a good refresher

Angel 4/16/2021
Thank you for the learning experience.

Lorena 4/16/2021
Awesome course thanks !

Gabriela 4/15/2021
Good experience. Thank you

Jose 4/14/2021
Excellent lesson course.

Gustavo 4/14/2021
Great work!

Daniel 4/14/2021
This online test is easy to do and Im glad its helpful

Romel 4/13/2021
The best

Romel 4/12/2021

Kyle 4/11/2021
On Line course was convenient for me to complete due to my work schedule and my inability to attend personally.

Bill 4/10/2021
Everything promised in the course was fulfilled

Rosy  4/9/2021
I got a response right away from them and would highly recommend them if anyone needs their services

Parshan 4/9/2021

Goodluck 4/9/2021
The test is a very good one because it offers a good review and refreshes ones mind about driving.

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Helpful and informative course!

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Very easy, thank you

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Called before applying, awsome info, super cheap, hope to never do this again.

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Course was so easy to get through and pass

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It was easy and fun thank you

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Test was very straight forward.

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Everything is good

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Very informative. Thanks.

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It wasnt clear that there are additional costs for "upgrades". I would have liked to understand these before I signed up and started the course.

Eduardo 4/6/2021
It was a great refresher. I definitely re-learned a thing or two after having my license for 10 years now. Great website, Easy to use. Highly recommend. Thank you!!

Jennifer 4/6/2021
Easy and helpful!

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Easy to navigate. good refresher for me.

Abel 4/5/2021
Please explain that motorcyclists may use the carpool lane. Cars have honked at me for riding my bike there.

Robert 4/5/2021
This was a very good course

Laura 4/5/2021
Good course

Laura 4/5/2021
Good course

Laura 4/5/2021
Good course

Markus 4/5/2021
The FONT buttons should be placed at the top/beginning of the sections, not the end/bottom.

Xian 4/4/2021
Very good job done!

Alyssa 4/4/2021
This is a wonderful option for completing traffic school. Very informative and allows you to complete at your own pace to best absorb the information. Would recommend to friends and family!

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Great course

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This is very informative and painless. Thank you.

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Good online option to in-person traffic school.

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Great course with lots of good information,

Chrysostom 3/27/2021
I was very impressed with how thorough this course was.

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Great course! I can’t believe I’m going to say this but maybe a tad easy? Overall a great course and if I needed to I would go through them again. Maybe when I can do it to lower my insurance I will! Thank you.

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The website was very easy to use and very informative

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Great and easy!

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Great class.

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This is by far the best online traffic school out there, thank you!

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Great coverage of all pertinent rules of the roles and tips.

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Like it states Easy!

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Good course

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It was very informative

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This website and online program was very easy to navigate through and I am also extremely proud of myself for passing, with that being said I learned a lot from this traffic school online program!

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Informative information

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Quick an fast

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I loved reviewing the information for safe driving. Great course.

Jon 3/12/2021
I was surprised that that statistics were as of 2017 and not more current. The points that went along with the stats are still relevant and interesting. Appreciate not having to sit through the entire course in one sitting. Happy with course. Thank you!

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Very convenient and accessible , would highly recommend if needed.

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Great stuff, reasonable price, have a nice day

Arturo 3/11/2021
Class had a lot of good material. good refresher.

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The school was straightforward and very useful. It gave me new insights into safe driving and refreshed forgotten ones. It will help me to be a safer driver.

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Thank you! This was easy to follow and awesome!

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Amazing! Really well organized with all the information to succeed in the test. Highly recommended

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Good lessons.

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Thanks- simple instructions; easy to follow.

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Good format

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Efficient and informative.

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Great course, and really easy to go thru.

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Easy to complete, and intuitive design. Recommend changing checkboxes to radio buttons.

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Great course

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Thank you , you made traffic school painless

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Good program

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Clear, concise and easy to understand course program. Thank you.

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Ronald 3/4/2021

Amy 3/4/2021
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Thank you! Loved the content!!

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Amazing course. Was straight forward and easy to comprehend. I enjoyed how it related the information to real world issues that a person could put his/her shoes in.

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Great online school program!!

Wade 3/2/2021
More repetitive in the reading than I thought

Richard 3/2/2021
There was conflicting info on at least 4 occasions. As an example, one chapter told you not to drive

Richard 3/2/2021
There was conflicting info on at least 4 occasions. As an example, one chapter told you not to drive

Colleen 3/1/2021
Very user friendly

Arturo 3/1/2021
It was pretty easy to follow the instructions

Manar 3/1/2021
I enjoyed the training.
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