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Austin 2/1/2022
The school provided lots of flexibility when it came to finishing the courses at ones own pace. With my hectic schedule, I am forever grateful for th

Eddie 2/1/2022
Everything satisfactory with the course itself, but with regard to internet design, it would be helpful to put the font increase/decrease buttons at t

Ricardo 2/1/2022
I couldnt find the open book information, Im sure its there just wasnt easy to and I didnt need it

Allison 2/1/2022
The only issue was the way lessons as a whole were organized. When reviewing the course material as I was completing the final exam I had to scroll th

Cynthia 2/1/2022
Clear and concise material amounted to a great and convenient learning experience.

Vicky 2/1/2022
I dont feel save driving at the freeway lots of teenagers speeding at 110 mph also a lot of car racing between 2am 4am

Natalie 2/1/2022

Faye 2/1/2022
Very informative.

Teresa 2/1/2022
Course was easy and informative

Eun 2/1/2022
Good course

James 2/1/2022
Good common sense and a reminder of safe driving habbits

Wali 2/1/2022
Overall, the course was very excellent and I learned lots of useful things about defensive driving and I can now apply these useful skills to my daily

Jeffrey 1/31/2022
Very Well Organized

Brandon 1/31/2022
Everything was well accessible and easy to obtain.

Mayra 1/31/2022
Love it found it very easy

Kevin 1/31/2022
Thank you for this course, it was greatly appreciated.

Pamela 1/31/2022
I am glad I had this opportunity to take the Traffic school course on-line.

Luke 1/31/2022
Awesome course. Thank you! A++

Maria 1/31/2022
Great school! Easy to complete with my busy schedule!

Karen 1/30/2022
The material was too repetitive, but it was definitely easy as promised.

Leigh Ann 1/30/2022
The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful when I called.

Angelina 1/30/2022
I thought is was fast an efficient

Janet 1/30/2022
The course was a good refresher.

Luke 1/30/2022
It was chill

Ericka 1/30/2022
Very pleased with the materials, test and quick test results.

Elizabeth 1/29/2022
Was quick & easy. I finished within a few hours.

Malia 1/29/2022
Thank you for making the traffic school so easy.

Konor 1/29/2022
Course material covered everything that I needed to know. However when I missed a question no correct answer and reasoning was given

Susan 1/29/2022

David 1/29/2022
Very easy, clear course

Marci 1/29/2022
Good course

Kyle 1/28/2022
Easy to navigate

Michael 1/28/2022
Great course

Stephany 1/28/2022
Good course and very self explanatory.

Kavita 1/28/2022
Good school program and Quiz

Omari 1/28/2022
Great course, informative and simple!

Cory 1/27/2022
A lot of information was very repetitive.

Kristy 1/27/2022
Some of the language was confusing. At one point, I was provided with an overwhelming amount of statistics.

Maria 1/27/2022
Great traffic school

Robert 1/27/2022
Very well constructed. Helped me remember the laws of driving

Delilah 1/27/2022
Thank you for providing this service.

Jose 1/27/2022

Bethany 1/26/2022
Easy to follow.

Aracely Nohemy Duque 1/26/2022
Quick and easy, simple. Would recommend.

Zenel 1/26/2022
Very recomendable

Avis 1/26/2022
Very great service. Instructions were very clear and made the process great.

Josephine 1/26/2022
Great instructor and very helpful!

David 1/26/2022
I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of course content. I would recommend this traffic school to anyone who needs a refresher in rules

Sebastian 1/26/2022
Simple and easy. smoothly done. much appreciated.

Diego 1/26/2022
Great instruction

Frank 1/26/2022
Great course!

Erica 1/26/2022
Great online school

Gabriela 1/26/2022
Easy reading.

Meg 1/25/2022
Great course

Mamta 1/25/2022
Online Material was super useful and easy to understand

Brooklyn 1/25/2022
Wonderful Course! Very convenient and approachable, will certainly recommend!

Cynthia 1/25/2022
Really easy to read!

Joel 1/25/2022
Super flexible and great flow!

Jonathan 1/25/2022
You should make the percentage to pass 80%.

Marcos 1/25/2022
Great School.

Donald 1/25/2022

Ruth 1/25/2022
Great course I really appreciate it!

Jose Refugio 1/25/2022
Very well designed

Austin 1/25/2022
Good course, with good isntructions

Julia 1/25/2022
Simple to follow and great course!

Andre 1/24/2022
Very simple and easy

Jalpaben 1/24/2022
Really good material to refresh the memory

Noel 1/24/2022
Very easy to understand the concepts and the test leading up to the final exam were very helpful. Overall this was a great course and would highly rec

John 1/24/2022
Easy to follow course with 24/7 support. I highly recommend.

Jason 1/24/2022
Well organized

Stephen 1/24/2022
The graphic and text for making left turns are inconsistent. The graphic is likely correct but the text is different than what is pictured.

Victoria 1/24/2022
Thank you for a straightforward and helpful course!

Vicente 1/24/2022
This online traffic school was convenient and simple. It even gave great information that I needed in order to successfully pass my test. Lastly, I ev

Michael 1/24/2022
Very informative and convenient.

Ka Ho Anthony 1/24/2022
Course materials are completed and practical

Michael 1/24/2022
Great teaching material

Dewei 1/23/2022
Thx for the education and it helps a lot

Zachary 1/23/2022
Excellent class

Kevin 1/23/2022
Super manageable and easy way to do traffic school.

Micheal 1/23/2022
Very thorough instruction. Took longer than I anticipated to eat through it.

Antonio 1/23/2022
Excellent school/course highly recommended

Richard 1/23/2022
Outstanding course very easy to understand the material.

Abraham 1/23/2022
Good and easy site to use

Daisy 1/22/2022
Amazing course

Sylvia 1/22/2022
Friendly customer service, easy to follow instructions and I learned a few of the nuances of driving safety. So it was generally a pleasurable experi

Vince 1/22/2022
Very straightforward and easy to come back to.

Jw 1/22/2022
Online permits individuals to gain important information as well as save time in the process with a credible process

Prem 1/22/2022
Easy and simple to use

David 1/22/2022
The course was thorough.

Teresa 1/21/2022
Course was long but repeated information was helpful for retention.

J Manuel 1/21/2022
10. Great course

Kathryn 1/21/2022
There were 4 double-spaced pages of schools to choose from. I called a few and was impressed with George. This course is well written and informative

Jimmy 1/21/2022
This course was informative and also helps you better understand traffic laws and teach’s you how to be a safer driver for yourself and others

Nicolas 1/21/2022
Good school

Elvira 1/20/2022
Good thank you

Alejandra 1/20/2022
It was a easy to understand and straight to the point. The material was also easy to read and follow.

Luciano 1/20/2022
Course was great and very informative

Todd 1/20/2022
Very informative and Helpful, Thank you

Brian 1/20/2022
Easy to navigate, does what it says.

Sarah 1/20/2022

Liat 1/19/2022
Was very easy and fun

Christian 1/19/2022
Great course

Ivonne 1/19/2022
The course was great

Sammy 1/19/2022
Good class. Easy quick and accurate description of class.

Haydee 1/19/2022
Very easy to follow and understand.

Alfred 1/19/2022

Isaiah 1/19/2022
Easy course and informative for myself

Pietro 1/19/2022
Really straight forward process

Azucena 1/19/2022
I liked that there was a 24hour hotline for this school, in case I had questions. I had a logistic questions and dialed once really late at night and

Rosa 1/19/2022
In my humble opinion, they are professional, helpful, friendly, and reliable. Thank you.

Eduardo 1/18/2022
Easy course to follow.

Kylie 1/18/2022
This was a great course to take if you need to do traffic school. It has all the information you need to help yourself be a better driver.

Berta 1/18/2022
Very easy and flexible, I am working 40 hours a week and this made it easy. I also liked the content, I actually learned some stuff as well.

Richard 1/18/2022
Fast and easy! Loved it thank you! I enjoyed learning things I didn’t know!

George 1/18/2022
Very Good online school, I will recommend it to my friends!

Roxana 1/18/2022
Very easy and efficient

Adam 1/17/2022
It was good

Marco 1/17/2022
Great and easy to learn!

Blake 1/17/2022
Great experience

Angela 1/17/2022

Gayle 1/17/2022
Good class, easy to follow instruction. Class details were clear, concise and very understandable.

Valerie 1/17/2022
Excellent course.

Adam 1/17/2022
Very easy to see we and comply

Gregory 1/17/2022
Amazing Online Traffic School

Rose 1/17/2022
Very informative especially with the ways people drive today. I learned some good this I had remembered.

Connie 1/17/2022
I had difficulties with the program identifying me part way through, so I called the number provided. The gentleman on the phone was kind, efficient

Lynda 1/17/2022
The only thing I believe could be improved would be not having to change the font size on every page. Otherwise, very good course!

Luke 1/17/2022
The questions asked at the very beginning did not work (ie. Eye color, favorite hobby etc) and seemed to be totally random throughout, causing me to b

Andrew 1/17/2022
The lessons were really easy to follow as well as understand. Had no issue reading through them and understanding them.

Mariel 1/17/2022
They were friendly and helped me with all my questions.

Lyubov 1/17/2022
Quick and easy. Nice reminder about safety. Thanks!

Antonio 1/17/2022
Very simple and good site.

Cynthia 1/17/2022
The course was very long. The quizzes were helpful and I like the ability to review the test after completion to see which ones I missed. So happy I p

David 1/17/2022
It was good

Kaytee 1/16/2022
Easy to use, would recommend

Jane 1/16/2022
This course helped me tremendously by refreshing my memory in what i learned many years ago about driving, new traffic changes, and that driving isn�

Francisco 1/16/2022
Easy Cheap Traffic Schools course is informative and easy to navigate. I have completed the course without any issues and expect Easy Cheap Traffic Sc

Gladys 1/16/2022
Thanks super user friendly.

Miranda 1/16/2022
Very easy and relaxed material to follow

Adriana Cristina 1/16/2022
They are amazing, I Contact them to make sure I am doing the right thing before starting. The Instructor was very polite, friendly and Professional. I

Juan M 1/16/2022
This course was helpful.

Francisco 1/16/2022
It was so easy to understand every lesson

Alex 1/16/2022
Excellent course. Simple and informative

Naga Raju 1/16/2022
Well designed course, thank you so much.

Catherine 1/15/2022
Great course. thanks

Jihan 1/15/2022
Great course!

Maria 1/15/2022
Overall it was a great experience. Thank you very much. Should have done it sooner had I known the whole experience was going to be so smooth.

Jose 1/15/2022
Great course thank you.

Mark 1/15/2022
Thank you for this opportunity to better my diving knowledge and I appreciate you offering this for my learning!

Anibal 1/15/2022
Thank you for the outstanding refreshing course

Jason 1/15/2022
Great easy course. Thank you

Jace 1/15/2022
Very nice course! Would recommend.

Francisco 1/15/2022
Course was educational, informative and easy to follow.

Shukhratjon 1/15/2022

Elizabeth 1/14/2022
I learned so much from your course and thankful for all the information! The quizzes and final exam were great as well!

Aldo 1/14/2022
Is a great traffic school online

Manvir 1/14/2022
Good school

Donell L 1/14/2022
I found this process easy and informative. I like that I was able to work at my own pace and that my work was saved so I could come back and pick up w

Abhilash 1/14/2022
Thank you for your help and for my stupidity

Virginia 1/14/2022
I did not need to speak with an instuctor, course was easily understood

Isabel 1/14/2022
Very comprehensible and entertaining.

Luisdaniel 1/14/2022

Jeannette 1/13/2022
Very helpful and useful course, great refresher for sure

Monica 1/13/2022
Great traffic school

Hortensia 1/13/2022
Explained above

Amy 1/13/2022
Nice & easy!

Trevor 1/13/2022
Great school thank you for the time.

Romeo 1/13/2022
10 out of 10

George 1/13/2022
This was a great course.

Talina 1/13/2022
I really liked this course. It was straight forward and easy to complete.

Diana 1/13/2022
I really like this format of traffic school ... I enjoyed the process and I learn alot.

Esther 1/12/2022
Very easy to navigate through and understand.

Helene 1/12/2022
The. Course was good…I hope to be a much better driver now and in the future.

Titus 1/12/2022
Great course

Cuahutemoc 1/12/2022
Easy and Cheap!

Henry 1/12/2022
Very easy to use and understand.

Edgar 1/12/2022
Thank you. enjoyed the course and it was informative

Eduardo 1/12/2022
Easy traffic school literally. So awesome

Mae 1/12/2022
I found this to be an excellent, informative course

Mae 1/12/2022
I found this to be an excellent, informative course

Edward 1/11/2022
Help with awareness of traffic laws

Toni Lyn 1/11/2022
The Course was very informative and well excecated Thank you for helping me with my course

George 1/11/2022
Great course! Completed it in a decent amount of time and refreshed my knowledge of the rules of the road. Highly recommended course. Thank you!

Valerie 1/11/2022
It was a really great traffic school course!

Jenny 1/11/2022
This was a great school ! Great way to refresh your driving safety .

Casey 1/11/2022
Great course, very easy to follow.

Mark 1/11/2022
The course and website was easy to follow through.

Maria De Jesus 1/10/2022
Easy and painless thank you

Debbie 1/10/2022
Good format - pictures/cartoons broke up the monotony.

Kyle 1/10/2022
This was the best! Thank you.

Efrain 1/10/2022
It was a great online coarse

June 1/10/2022
I loved this class. I was able to read at my own pace.

Muthukumar 1/10/2022
Its really good to take this course to improve existing driving style and drive safe.

Myra 1/10/2022
Im glad I found this traffic school. I enjoyed taking this course. The quizzes were easy, not tricky, as was the final exam. When I initially called

Judith 1/10/2022
Good course

Megan 1/10/2022
Great traffic School!

Luke 1/10/2022
Easy test and lessons! Although this site and traffic rules along with it should be up to date.

Ashley 1/10/2022
This was a very helpful class. I now am worry free over the point that was against my record for speeding & I now know what the point means in driving

Larry 1/10/2022
Good course

Jon 1/10/2022
Great online course. Covers everything

Joanne 1/10/2022
Course was good. I have a question that I called on after completion of the course.

Huang 1/10/2022
Its a great course. Thank you!

Jason 1/9/2022
Good course, to the point. Reasonably priced

Connor 1/9/2022
Awesome. i learned so much

Anne 1/9/2022
What I wasn’t aware of was the fees tacked on at the end when it said initially it would be $14.95

Jose Luis 1/9/2022
It was very educational learned a lot from it.

Ken 1/9/2022
Great course!

Jaya Krishna 1/9/2022
It will be good if you can provide some practice questions for memorizing the concepts.

Stet 1/9/2022
Easy to use and informative.

Stephanie 1/8/2022
Quick and easy and fun to do!

John 1/8/2022
It was a great course and very well built

Gregory 1/8/2022
Thanks for offering this online course.

Terri 1/8/2022
Straight-forward format. like that i was able to complete at my own pace. glad it never logged me out. was always able to pick up where I left off

Quang 1/8/2022
Good course

Franzjosef 1/8/2022
Very helpful and informative course.

Jennifer 1/8/2022
Pretty easy to follow

Maria 1/8/2022
Easy and fast course .. thank you

Shayan 1/7/2022
Great course, thanks!

Amos 1/7/2022
Great course!

Eddie 1/7/2022
This was a very helpful and informational course to take.

Zane 1/7/2022
Great experience.

Caylin 1/7/2022
Super fast and easy

Kelly 1/6/2022
I would say that this course is very useful especially to those who have children and for some reason have forgotten some of the laws or just in gener

Manuel 1/6/2022
No feedback. Thank you.

Deborah 1/6/2022
I had a problem with my payment. I received a text acknowledging my call. My call was answered immediately and he was very courteous. Thank you.

Anthony 1/6/2022
The course was very informative and I liked the review of the DMV hand book

Arnulfo 1/6/2022
Great course learned a bit more!

Maria 1/6/2022
Great school helped me review a lot of what I knew!

Evangelina 1/6/2022
Excellent training.

Aroldo 1/6/2022
Very informative and easy to learn.

William 1/6/2022
Thank you and as long as you read the material the test is not hard

Luis Miguel Rivas 1/5/2022
The material was easy to read and kept me engaged throughout.

Victor 1/5/2022
Great course!

James 1/5/2022
I thought I was told the course would take approx. 2 hrs to complete. You would have to be a speed reader to complete it in 2 hrs.

Alana 1/4/2022
Thank you for answering the phone before I signed up and began. And thank you for the clarity in the course!

Rachael 1/4/2022
I was definitely able to review things I already knew and even learned some new information that I enjoyed. I think the only thing I would change wou

Lisa 1/4/2022
Good Course....Took some time but I definitely am now refreshed on all the current traffic laws. Thank you!

Christina 1/4/2022
Best traffic school I have used

Matthew 1/4/2022
The additional costs associated with printing out a .pdf version of my Certificate of Completion for $4.99 (or whatever it was) as well as the other d

Benjamin 1/4/2022
Easy as the name suggests, and effective to brush up on driving laws

Brenda 1/4/2022
It was perfect. Thank you.

Esening 1/4/2022
Very simple and easy to understand

Marine 1/4/2022
Excellent course. Quick & easy!

Dina 1/4/2022
Straight forward and easy course

Erin Therese 1/3/2022
Lessons were easy to follow and understand.

Davina 1/3/2022
Very informative and was not stressful to get through. The answers are in the text that they provide you so as long as you read the material you can f

Tiffany 1/3/2022
The information in the text was straight forward well detailed.

Crisjen 1/3/2022
Easy to understand course.

Jaime 1/3/2022
Great info. well organized.

William Richard 1/3/2022
This test was clear the quizs were specific and basic common sense. overall i would recommend this course to others.

David 1/3/2022
Very easy to understand and move back to review.

Trent 1/3/2022
Im glad i took this course it made me aware of things i took for granted.

Uriel 1/3/2022
I was not given the correct answer at the end of my test

Lisa 1/3/2022
I have none. This was time well-spent!

Amanpreet 1/3/2022
Very good service

Paul 1/3/2022
It was easy, quick and painless. I would definitely recommend. Thank you so much.

Owen 1/3/2022
Great course. Everything expected and more. Only suggestion is to update statistics - course showed stats from 2017/2018 - over 4 years ago...would

Omar 1/3/2022
Great course pretty straight forward and knowledgeable

Dilkhush 1/3/2022
Good material provided in all lessons and was very helpful to answer all quiz questions.

Seldy 1/3/2022
Great efficient course!

Anne 1/3/2022
Great course, thanks

Ester 1/3/2022
Great course

Diana 1/3/2022
Helpful information

Meiyun 1/3/2022
Very Good Courses. Thanks!

Beth 1/2/2022
Everything about the course was spot on for preparing for the exam!

Tim 1/2/2022
Im glad this was available to do on a Sunday.

Ana 1/2/2022
Excellent Material

Dante 1/1/2022
This course was super helpful and easy to navigate. The options for submitting to the county also provide reassurance that my materials would be sent

Grace 1/1/2022
Great course, very easy to follow

Lissette 1/1/2022
This was an easy and quick way to complete traffic school for busy people.

Giuseppe 1/1/2022
I learned some new information, thank you!

Rachel 1/1/2022
Excellent course

Payman 12/31/2021
Awesome online course!

Brett 12/31/2021
Thank You!!

Pengyu 12/31/2021
When parking uphill at a curb, turn your front wheels away from the curb. The answer from the course was "have your front wheels roll to the curb or t

Carolyn 12/31/2021
Very pleased with this program

Andrew 12/31/2021
Some parts are a little redundant with regards to some common sense practice. Other than that it was a good course.

Gulrez 12/30/2021
Good service

Noah 12/30/2021
It site was very easy and very quick. It was also cheap which helped me a lot. I am glad I used this site.

Lauren 12/30/2021
Very easy to understand and follow along, and super quick!

Janet 12/30/2021
I enjoyed the videos in learning course.

Neil 12/30/2021
Super well put together page

Min 12/30/2021
There were a few grammatical errors in the course payment section.

Tony 12/30/2021
Very easy to follow instruction and lessons

Unwana 12/30/2021
I just say :Thank you George for helping me when I called on 12/26/2021

Wendy 12/29/2021
The person with whom I spoke with to sign up, George, as super helpful, patient and very courteous. The course was informational and even though Ive

Ryan 12/29/2021
It was quick and fast. the guy over the phone was really help full and gave a run down on how the test and info would be.

Donna 12/29/2021
The information was valuable.

Lydia 12/29/2021
Very easy to follow.

John 12/29/2021
Very good layout and simple vocabulary - Thank you

Alan 12/29/2021
A few more pictures regarding traffic lanes would have been helpful

Nuvia 12/29/2021
Wonderful course, very well instructed.

Veronica 12/29/2021
The course was easy to navigate through and very informative

Bradley 12/29/2021
Smooth,well done

Jasmyn 12/28/2021
Very easy to follow! Fast and convenient! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Trang 12/28/2021
Very well organized making it easy for students to follow through the course.

Teresa 12/28/2021
It was to the point, clear and helpful.

Teresa 12/28/2021
It was to the point, clear and helpful.

Sharon 12/28/2021
This on-line course was a great reminder of road safety. Thank you for making it available.

Mary 12/28/2021
Excellent customer service. When I called to leave a message I was contacted in less than 5 MINUTES. My issue was resolved promptly and much to my sat

Kenan 12/28/2021
Well designed course, easy to follow instructions

Erika 12/27/2021
The material was easy to understand

Sergio 12/27/2021
I gave an initial call to ask about the course and somebody in the traffic school took my call immediately. Good job!

Julio 12/27/2021
Great course!!!!!

Steven 12/27/2021
It was informative and didnt give extraneous information that was not needed

Ronaldo 12/27/2021
Great work.

Salvador 12/27/2021
I really enjoyed the course, there was plenty of valuable information. Thank you...

Hannah 12/27/2021
Easy to navigate

Gerda 12/27/2021
The course was very information and I learned a lot. The representative I spoke with was very nice, professional, and answered all of my questions.

Myrna 12/26/2021
10 out of 10. This course helped me and was much needed.

Dale 12/26/2021
Easy, straight forward. Learned a lot.

Oscar 12/26/2021
This course was easy to understand

David 12/25/2021
Good and efficient

Leah 12/25/2021
Great information that I will be using when driving from now on!

Alex 12/25/2021
Excellent test. I learned more than a few things I did not know. The repletion of information was tolerable

Bryce 12/24/2021
This was a very well organized course.

Oliver 12/24/2021
Good School.

Anthony 12/23/2021
School was great

Claudia 12/23/2021

Osbelia 12/23/2021
There were few "typo" errors in the course material, but I was still able to read the course material without any problem.

Lori 12/23/2021
Easy to use

Latrisha 12/23/2021
Very easy and fast.

Daniella 12/23/2021
Good information.

Joanne 12/22/2021
Way too long!

Ellic 12/22/2021
Was a good test

Elton 12/22/2021
Was fun easy and very informative.

Nathan 12/22/2021

Stephanie 12/22/2021
Easy to understand and learned some updated interesting and valuable information.

Kyle 12/22/2021
It was good

Luis 12/22/2021
This is a very easy website and helpful informatioin

Michael 12/22/2021
Very informatio0nal. Thank you

Richard 12/22/2021
This is an excellent option for traffic school

Douglas 12/22/2021
Thank you the course provided me with the material needed to be a safer driver.

Maria 12/21/2021
Easy to follow test .

Marina 12/21/2021
You’ll send that certificate to DMV ?

Etna 12/21/2021
It was excellent!!

Raven 12/21/2021
Thank you, very helpful

Edwin 12/21/2021
I definitely learned my in this course. Great course.

Juan 12/21/2021
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Kevin 12/6/2021
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Easy course

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Excellent course!

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Great Instruction

Giovana 11/28/2021
You have made it very easy to take care of the class online. The only thing I would suggest is when the person passes the test you should add a message stating how long will it take for the court to receive your information. It makes the person feel better that everything will be handled in a timely manner.

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