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Ed 9/1/2020
Great course

Kristin 9/1/2020
I found it frustrating that so much material was repeated, causing the course to take longer than necessary.

Dorileen 8/31/2020
Very informative. Great review Thank you

Brandon 8/29/2020
Easy to use

Evelyn 8/29/2020
Great Course

Levonna 8/27/2020
Excellent course material that is informative and easy to follow

Jesus  8/26/2020
Muy buen curso, excelente fácil y muy bien detallado doy fe de que es profesional y muy completo se lo recomiendo para nuevos conductores y obtener mas experiencia en las carreteras.

Adam 8/26/2020
Great experience reviewing the traffic laws

Jeff 8/26/2020
Could use a progress bar...

Eddie 8/25/2020
Course was straightforward and simple. Learned some things I didnt know.

Sukhwinder  8/25/2020
It was a well designed test

Fernando 8/24/2020
Great website!

Francesca 8/24/2020
Amazing course

Tracy 8/21/2020
Thank you!!

Christian 8/21/2020
pretty good

Carolyn 8/20/2020
Since it is open book, would be nice if there was a search function to more easily find info.

Raheda 8/19/2020
The course materials was easy in anywhere to get online and study them. thank you to the lucky traffic school for providing this facility.

Heriberto 8/18/2020
Straight forward read the material answer the questions easy and fast.

Gabriela 8/18/2020
I like this course because I study at my own time and was so clear, I learned more about traffic and driving.

Javier 8/16/2020
Exelent thank you very much.

Agatha 8/16/2020
This traffic school is listed in the LACDA list as “CA TRAFFIC SCHOOL ONLINE” license # E9563, but this test lists a different name “Easy Traffic School” license # E1313? Please email completed certificate to me. Thank you

Jeffrey  8/15/2020
Perfect! Thank you!

Jacob 8/14/2020
Best Driving school!

Sage 8/13/2020
Simply put. Well laid out. Great full for the opportunity!

Sage 8/13/2020
Simply put. Well laid out. Great full for the opportunity!

James 8/9/2020
Great course and very easy to read and follow.

Justin 8/9/2020
Better than expected!

Virginia 8/9/2020
The material was easily understood. I learned a lot through the course, that will improve my driving skill. The instructor/owner was very patient and professional.

Mark 8/9/2020
All aspects of course were concise and informative.

Mark 8/9/2020
All aspects of course were concise and informative.

Christopher 8/8/2020
Awesome and well informative course! I do not plan on getting another traffic ticket, but definitely would use again. Will recommend.

Cryus 8/7/2020
Very helpful

Larkin 8/6/2020
Easy to use and informative.

James 8/6/2020
The course was very thorough and covered many aspects of driving and safety, along with traffic laws and rules that I may have forgotten.

Jorge 8/6/2020
Thank you no coments

Mark 8/5/2020
Quick, smart and simple.

Joel 8/4/2020
Great easy course

Gabriela 8/3/2020
Awesome! Quick and Easy!!! Only thing is that my groupon code didnt work for some reason and I had a hard time finding where to put it but ill call about that :( Other than that it was great!

Megan 8/3/2020
I used a groupon! It was not a bad experience very cheap, easy and fast.

Amanda 8/2/2020
The course was informative & easy to follow. Great customer service, they were available even on a Sunday evening & resolved my problem ASAP. Recommended, thank you!

Debra 8/1/2020
The course was very thorough and well explained. I appreciated having the ability to enlarge the font.

Jinyuan 8/1/2020
Awesome course

Kyle 7/31/2020
Fast and Easy

Jose 7/30/2020
Test was user friendly with appropriate information and no ads.

Jose 7/30/2020
Test was really user friendly, long but good information.

Shelbie 7/30/2020
The material is very easy to read and understand

Shonnyce 7/30/2020
Good Course, Thank you!

John 7/29/2020
Great inline course with lots of great material. I am smarter now because of this class.

Isabel 7/26/2020
This was a greta learning traffic school website.

Christopher 7/26/2020
The course was satisfactory.

Jacenta 7/26/2020
I enjoyed the course

Jacenta 7/26/2020
I enjoyed your traffic course

Jacenta 7/26/2020
I enjoyed your traffic course

Erica 7/25/2020
Great website and material

Chelsea 7/25/2020

Daniel 7/23/2020
Very good course.

Joseph 7/23/2020
Good course. Easy instructions and well laid out. Thank you.

Julie 7/23/2020
My friend recommended your particular course to me. Great choice! The last time I took traffic school (11 years ago) it took over 8 hours...

Melvin 7/23/2020
Good, clear, and complete course. Highly recommend.

Brianna 7/22/2020
The traffic school was very convenient and easy!

Reyes 7/22/2020
Loved how well it was presented, easy to understand. Thank you!

Taylor 7/21/2020
Great course

Celia  7/20/2020
I had a coupon that was not credited

Whitney 7/20/2020
I recommend the quiz questions to be different after each failed round and the answers should be revealed. This way, students can see which answer is correct and different questions each time can expose students to different content.

Arrianna 7/19/2020
Great, cheap, quick and easy.

Anthony 7/18/2020
)n two different times spread apart, I had problems with the log in procedure. I had to call and ask a tech of correct the problem. It was but the issue should not have happened.

Denise 7/16/2020
It was very thoroughly explained.

Angelina 7/16/2020
This was my first time I used the internet to do my traffic school and I am so very pleased I did. Thank you.

Ashley 7/15/2020
Great course!

Steven 7/14/2020
Good course, thanks.

Micheal 7/10/2020
Some of the lessons need to be proofread and corrected.

Toshiko 7/10/2020
The course was a little repetitious.

Kelsey  7/8/2020
This course definitely prepared me for the final exam and was very thorough! The only criticism I would have is that I wish there were more videos spliced in to make it a little more interesting.

Bernard 7/5/2020
I prefer audio training but this worked out very well. Thank you.

Rene 7/5/2020
Amazing course and great service. Thank you. Highly reccomend

Charles 7/5/2020
Great site, good pricing and easy to follow content. Other sites are horrible like Turbotrafficschool.com

Aaron 7/3/2020
Good class, great reminder of everything I should take into consideration when driving.

Jack 7/3/2020
I was able to learn a lot from this school. I now feel more knowledgeable about the rules of the road.

Errol 7/2/2020
The only thing that I think you should address is the font adjustment. Should be at top of page rather then the bottom. Other then that everything was fine.

Martha 7/2/2020
This course provide me with a review of many traffic laws and regulations. I believe it was well rounded, concise and very thorough. I would recommend this course to my friends and family.

Rene 6/30/2020
Easy to follow and complete

Vanessa  6/30/2020
Very easy and simple!

Ricky  6/29/2020
The course was very easily understood and informative.

Diane 6/29/2020
This traffic school provided a high quality course with current and pertinent traffic laws and DMV info. Their website was clear, concise and answered all questions up front meeting all my needs. The material was well written, easy to read and understand and extremely helpful to successfully complete the DMV test. I would highly recommend this school to others.

Antonio 6/29/2020
Thanks , as promised able to finish on breaks as busy schedule always interrupts , hope alls good for future users . videos help and easy to follow portions step by step with options to review.

Evaristo 6/28/2020
The course is very helpful, and the redundancy in some aspects are very helpful in retaining information.

Howard 6/28/2020
Thank you so much as this was an awesome course and I was intrigued by it. It is very well put together. I will recommend it to anyone that I ever meet that may need it.

Christina 6/27/2020
Great Class and Thank You!!

Guillermo 6/26/2020
It was a nice course

Barbara 6/24/2020
Easy Traffic School course, just like advertised. I would recommend to everyone.

Maria  6/23/2020
I find it interesting refreshing and educational, and I also gained additional new information during my study and It could Help make me a more better driver. Thank you very much!

Frank 6/22/2020
Enjoyed course

Masashi 6/22/2020
Thanks! Please send the info to the court asap.

Matthew 6/22/2020
This was great had fun and also I learned how to be a more informed driver on the roadways.

Armando 6/19/2020
Some of the material was repeated but that was probably to get the importance of the material across.

California 6/19/2020
Great program.....efficient and easy to follow

Marcella 6/19/2020
I overstudied, but passed!

Jonelle 6/18/2020
Thank you so much for this class!

Patricia 6/17/2020
Thank you! How do I get the Court Filing Acceptance Number and the Court Viewed Date I paid extra for???

Nancy 6/17/2020
I was amazed by how easy to maneuver through the materials. Learned further valuable driving strategies and realizations to improve my driving skills. The traffic school online course was worth taking it!

Frank 6/16/2020
This test worked great with my work schedule. I did learn some new laws I overlooked in the past.

Kasandra 6/15/2020
10 super helpful

Matthew 6/15/2020
I only wish that more questions from the quizzes were included in the final test.

Antonio 6/14/2020
Great and simple website design and easy use of the book in the final since it entire book is opened in another window.

Nicholas 6/14/2020
Very informative

Carlos 6/12/2020
Final test was easy after review of course and short quiz

Barbara  6/11/2020
I liked the course! It was user friendly and easy. Thanks!

Bianca 6/10/2020
Thank you !

Trenton 6/9/2020
Great company to use. Easy and efficient, with very simple instructions.

Ruben 6/8/2020
Very convenient and fast to get started, helpful staff on the phone and easy to work system

Zackary 6/8/2020
Valuable and time efficient course.

Todd 6/7/2020
Had a good class. Thank you! Ive learned a lot.

Sheryl 6/7/2020
It was a lot to read, but the reading all the material made taking the test easy.

Geoffrey 6/7/2020
Pleased with the course; website was informative, and lessons were easy to follow

David 6/4/2020
Outstanding course. Some information was redundant, and i thought the course could be simplified, but good information none the less.

Ludivico 6/3/2020
I really enjoyed this course! It was very flexible and do-able in one sitting.

Chris 6/2/2020
Course was good to update on current rules of the road. Customer service was also very good.

Paola 6/2/2020
Very easy to read and understand the material.

Blesilda 6/1/2020
George Scott, the person that signed me online was friendly, answered my questions & professional.

Jenny 5/31/2020
Great course. easy to understand.

Jaime 5/31/2020
I liked this program would recommend it to others in the same situation.

Lindsay 5/31/2020
This was a great website to do traffic school on. It really drills everything into your head.

Jessica 5/31/2020
I left a score of 5 for the question "I received everything the school promised when I registered" because I wasnt sure if it was asking about I leaned the goals or if the certificate was sent to the court. If it was asking about knowledge I would give change the score to a 10. If it was asking about if the certificate was already sent I put a 5 because I cant confirm.

Lauren 5/31/2020
I learned a lot from this program and would recommend it. Thank you.

Emily 5/30/2020
This was a simple and efficient method of fulfilling the drivers school requirement. I learned some updated laws and gained familiarity with certain laws that did not exist when I became I driver many years ago.

Tracey 5/29/2020
Just very boring material (not the schools fault obviously). As a graphic designer, I feel like the layout did not help make you want to read the long lines of text. Felt like it could have a little better layout. Otherwise it was good.

Cindy 5/28/2020
Learned a lot

Malachi 5/28/2020
Helped me with my payment problem very fast

Nicholas 5/26/2020
Good school

Connie 5/25/2020
The course was easy to read, follow instructions

Ma Isabel 5/25/2020
Awesome traffic school

Sharon 5/24/2020
The course was good with a lot of good information.

Patricia 5/22/2020
Great setup for reviewing the DMV rules and regulations and the entire process was helpful. Thank you!

Yolanda 5/21/2020
Its a simple course, great for last minute!

Eugenia 5/21/2020
Easy and very useful information

Heladio 5/20/2020
This was great

Ron 5/20/2020
Very informative, and you made it easy and educational

David 5/19/2020
The lessons only go up to 9.1 when going to to review so I could not do an open book test, unfortunately, the good news is that I got 25/25 correct so 100% for me.

Amabel 5/18/2020
I was allowed to logout/login at anytime during the class which made it very convenient for me. Thank you so much.

Hilda 5/17/2020
Overall, a good learning tool.

Brenda 5/16/2020
Great course. Easy to follow, and very thorough.

Divani 5/16/2020
Thanks really easy and understanding

Jasmine 5/15/2020
Very helpful and provides a lot of information.

Samuel 5/14/2020
Great Online course for traffic school!

Ruby 5/14/2020
Super Easy to use. Highly recommend!!

Martin 5/13/2020
Completing the traffic school online was a remarkable experience. I really enjoy it and learn lots from it. thank you for providing a program like this one to the public.

Joseph 5/12/2020
Very good information

Becky 5/11/2020
Liked not bad at all,

Milagros 5/8/2020
Thank you for making it easy to read and understand

Jenny 5/7/2020
Very educational program!

James 5/6/2020
Great job on making this course.

Ivan 5/5/2020
Great School with great lessons made everything teachable and easy to understand!

Erin 5/4/2020
Excellent program. Would highly recommend.

Clay 5/4/2020
Very pleasant and informative

Steven 5/4/2020
Great training.

Peter 5/4/2020
Had trouble with paying online, had to call the support service in order to complete the final exam.

Carol 5/4/2020
I learned things that I was not previously aware of, as well as things that I had forgotten pertaining to drivers safety. The course was fun and excellent. I would highly recommend it.

Steven 5/3/2020
Course exactly as described: easy, time-efficient, and economical.

Marialisa 5/3/2020
Very informative course

Matthew 5/2/2020
I felt Lucky using Lucky Traffic School!

Eugenio 5/2/2020
Gracias por el examen

Jose 5/1/2020
Good school, easy to understand. A lot of info I was not really aware of.

Matthew 4/29/2020
Helpful and effective course

Edger 4/28/2020
Fast and easy

Pamela 4/28/2020
The course was user friendly. I had one customer service call; but that was my ignorance. Nevertheless, the return call was quick, helpful and friendly. Great experience.

Michael 4/27/2020
Thank you offering and online drivers course during these crazy times.

Pamela 4/27/2020
Will recommend

Wallace 4/24/2020
Was easy to use

Wyatt 4/24/2020
Good course.

Frank 4/23/2020
Lots of information i have learned from the online course.

Caron 4/22/2020
Information was out of date and in a illogical order, and some of it was redundant. Many spelling and grammar errors. Would have liked a section on the most recent laws & changes. Easy to log-in & out to complete at my own pace.

Joseph 4/22/2020
Excellent course. Very informative and very easy

Alfonso 4/21/2020
Awesome Course

Natalie 4/21/2020
THank you! FAst and easy course

Cecilia 4/20/2020
Easy and Helpful!

Josue 4/20/2020
Easy to follow instructions

Wendy 4/19/2020
Topics were broken down into appropriate "bite sized" and tolerable self study sessions.

Eliza 4/19/2020
Great test to the point, good facts. highly recommend if one needs to finish traffic school fast.

Kristy 4/17/2020
The course was very informative and easy to understand.

Diana 4/17/2020
Great course!

Robert 4/17/2020
Great traffic school, its good to have a reminder to respect and take driving seriously.

Aubrey 4/17/2020
Thank you for your help with my online payment issue over the phone

Jose 4/15/2020
Good overall.

Karen 4/15/2020
Awesome. FYI-I filtered the MANY DMV traffic school choices through the Groupon offer (thank you for saving me $) AND wanted to support LOCAL (San Diego)! Thanks....

Micheal 4/14/2020
Good course

Bryan 4/14/2020
Thank you for making this efficient to read, learn & pass test.

An 4/13/2020
I have learned more about traffic’s rules through this school.

Piyush 4/13/2020
Good learning experience thanks

Ana Beatriz 4/13/2020
Very informative and made the test taking fairly easy.

Gabriel 4/13/2020
It was great, and simple to follow.

Juan 4/11/2020
The rules and descriptions on how to fallow traffic laws are well described.

Babak 4/11/2020
How do I know that the DMV has received the test result? How do I know that there is nothing to do from my side?

Agusto 4/11/2020
Easily presented, logical, and methodical. 12 lessons seemed like a flowing, not even so overwhelming. Course was just extraordinarily easy. Great job.

Isaac 4/11/2020
Very easy to navigate! Great experience!

Augusto 4/10/2020
Thank you. Great course outline and lessons context.

Isaac 4/10/2020
I appreciate how easy and knowledgeable the course was!

Karen 4/10/2020
Thank you for a great and easy way to follow. Nicely done.

Thomas 4/10/2020
I learned a few things during the course. Very worthwhile.

Mollie 4/9/2020
Simple and informational...MANY typos tho... that was a little distracting. Otherwise thumbs up!

Elizabeth 4/9/2020
Great course. Easy to follow.

Lisa 4/9/2020
Thank you. That was easy.

Tyler 4/8/2020
Awesome school thanks!

Eddy 4/8/2020
Easy to set up. Clear and concise material. Would definitely recommend to others that need traffic school.

Carlos 4/8/2020
I will strongly recommend this school

Christian 4/8/2020
Easy to login and complete the traffic school i would recommend to everyone

Gaganpreet 4/7/2020
Very on the point reading material.

Nasrin 4/7/2020
This was very helpful.

Genaro 4/7/2020

Rafael 4/6/2020
Very well put together course.

Jennifer Anne  4/6/2020
This course was very helpful and easy to read and understand

Jeannette 4/5/2020
When getting a wrong answer it wouldn’t provide the answer or information.

Maitran 4/5/2020
The easiest traffic school ever!

Maitran 4/5/2020
Super easy! You can do it all on your cell phone. It took me less than 2 hrs to complete it compared to others are like 8 hrs. I highly recommend it!

Alan 4/5/2020
A lot of boring material.

Jose 4/4/2020
I enjoyed reading through and refreshing my memory with new laws and things I wasnt aware of.

Asma 4/3/2020
It was very thorough but I wish you had more videos

Douglas David 4/2/2020
Thank you for all your help!

Robin 4/1/2020
Thank you I relearned and learned new information since I originally took a test.

Melisa Adelina 4/1/2020
Awesome Course!
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