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Robin 4/1/2020
Thank you I relearned and learned new information since I originally took a test.

Melisa Adelina 4/1/2020
Awesome Course!

Sam 3/31/2020
It was fast and easy

Rogelio  3/31/2020
Informative making it easy to pass

James 3/31/2020
Very easy to use. Great course!

Pascual  3/30/2020
Great online course, would enroll again in future if needed.

Charles 3/29/2020
Great course!

Francisco 3/29/2020
Easy and great course learned a lot.

Stephanie 3/28/2020
One section of the course talked about a BUS TRAILER. It would have been helpful to see a picture of it since I dont know what it is.

Ponareay 3/27/2020
Course was very interesting and fun. Kept me focused and I would refer anyone to take this course if they needed one. Great course.

Beth 3/26/2020
Great class

Tammy 3/26/2020
Great test learned a lot.

Ruth 3/25/2020
The course is clear and easy to read and understand.

Lynn 3/25/2020
Thank You for your availability and clarity on the program

Elvira 3/25/2020
The course was great and easy to understand and navigate through.

Eddie 3/23/2020
Very Informative and Interesting Topics

John 3/23/2020
Great Course.

Amelia 3/22/2020
I could not go back and review lessons 10, 11 and 12. After lesson 9 I press continue and was taken to the final exam. There are some spelling and wording errors which I will call about. I hope my credit card will work as I may be getting a new one.

Noel 3/22/2020
Open book during the test did not have all the material covered in the course. This should have been disclosed early.

Kessan 3/21/2020
This course was very insightful and I would recommend this program to everyone.

Cecelia 3/20/2020
The course was informative and refreshed my memory of the traffic laws and of the new laws.

Henry 3/20/2020
Some of the statistics provided as part of the training were inconsistent and confusing. For example: "in 2015 there were 35,092 people killed". Another statement noted that about 33, 000 or 34,000 were killed.

Dawn 3/19/2020
Your course was very long to read. Perhaps it could be augmented with some audio or video segments.

Dhurgham 3/19/2020
Very informative, this test allows a better mindset when on the road.

David 3/18/2020
Easy and informative. Thank you.

Nyzeina 3/18/2020

Carlos 3/17/2020
Excellent class

Zack 3/17/2020
Great course, I am happy I did it through you guys.

Neida 3/17/2020
Great fast past service!

Meriah 3/17/2020
Great course!

Tabitha 3/17/2020
I appreciate how simple this was to complete and follow through. I learned new laws which I can now apply to my daily commute. Will recommend this program to friends and family.

Yajaira 3/16/2020
This was very convenient! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has a busy agenda.

Betty 3/16/2020
Not bad. i learned some stuff

Linda 3/16/2020
This is a school i would recommend.

Gary 3/16/2020
Thank you for making it so easy

Phouphet 3/15/2020
I like the open book so it was easier

Kelly 3/15/2020
My docket (case) number is: 20-TR-014263. My citation number is: 323966.

Kenneth 3/15/2020
Great way to learn!

Linda 3/15/2020
Really like this no nonsense course and test option.

Raymond 3/15/2020
Your course looks great in my phone and laptop. Excellent curriculum and clear themes in each paragraph.

Erik 3/15/2020
Easy to use

Luiana 3/15/2020
Great course, user friendly. Thank you!

Sarah 3/15/2020
Is it possible to get confirmation once my information is sent to the courts? This course was easy and great to navigate. Thanks!

Mayra 3/15/2020
Very helpful and easy

Cara 3/15/2020
Thanks for the school! The format was easy to follow.

Karim 3/14/2020
Great online course! It was very immersive and easy to maneuver.

Daniel 3/14/2020
Very informative

Micheal 3/14/2020
Quick and painless!

Lavonne 3/13/2020
Few typographical errors

Ariana 3/11/2020
I thought this was you going to take a lot less time to complete. There were lessons that were so involved that I had a difficult time retaining the information. I feel I would have done better if the information was presented in a more straight forward shortened version.

Julia Scira 3/11/2020
Fast and easy. Thanks

Carina 3/10/2020
Easy, quick, and reliable instruction. thanks for making this super simple and convenient to get done.

Timothy 3/10/2020
Great Coarse

Andrew 3/10/2020
Good content and coverage - I learned a lot more than just the rules.

Deb 3/10/2020
You might want to correct the many typos in your text. Also initially, it was unclear how to begin, the boxes seem to indicate there were choices, rather than the fact that each one needed to be gone through.

Gerardo 3/10/2020
Fast , easy, informative

Sandra 3/10/2020
Simple course with great driving rules and regulations.

Alyssa 3/10/2020
Very easily understood.

Bertina 3/9/2020
Good course, easy and quick.

Amy 3/9/2020
Pretty easy.

Andre 3/8/2020
Thanak you!

Andrew 3/8/2020
Great coarse thank you for making it so easy and user friendly

Leroy 3/7/2020
The course is well formatted to work with my mobile device, and returning to my last lesson was easy.

Linda 3/7/2020
In the open book part it would be helpful if you could search for words or sections so you dont have to scroll through all of the sections.

Michelle 3/6/2020
Great traffic school!

Roberta 3/6/2020
There are questions that were marked as wrong and they were answered correctly.

Joseph 3/5/2020
I was happy with the overall performance, however, at the end of the quiz, a warning that you will be taking the exam after answering the questions about the citation number and date due would have been nice. Overall it was a good experience and I would recommend this course to friends and family.

Yvonne 3/4/2020
Loved this traffic school. Easy to read and understand and all information was useful.

Patricia 3/4/2020
This is a great course

Anthony 3/4/2020
Well made course, very informative

Dara 3/3/2020
The online course was friendly and easy to do. Glad I did it!

Wiliam 3/3/2020
This was an online course and I didnt need to contact an instructor or some of the yes or no questions after the final exam are irrelevant.

Brandy 3/3/2020
Was a good class on line

Patrick 3/2/2020
Wonderful and quick and easy. I just need the receipt from my insurance to say they wont raise my rates.

Jan 3/2/2020
This was a thorough and worthwhile study program and test. The administrators should do a spell and grammar check though because a couple of times I was tripped up and had to guess what they really meant. However, I will definitely recommend this school.

Joe 3/2/2020
The course instruction was easily understood and to the point

Lauren 3/2/2020
Easy and informative!

Donald 3/1/2020
This course was a simple read, easy to understand. Recommend this to everyone.

Luis  3/1/2020
Easy to understand and friendly

Raymundo 3/1/2020
Online traffic school was great. easy to read and understand.

Jack 2/29/2020
The instructor was great. I could have finished faster but much of the information given was very interesting and I wanted to cover it in detail. I hope Im never required to take the course again but I will recommend it to my family with kids soon to be driving. I wont let them drive for me until they have passed this course.

Alejandra 2/29/2020
Very well written, concise, and to the point.

Joseph 2/28/2020
Very efficient course. It really, really... really was!

Christina 2/27/2020
Great course. Repetitive a times, but thats a good thing in the case of traffic school. One of the questions was not specifically addressed in the content. When I was verifying a question on the final test, I did a search (command F) and did not find the distance a car horn should be heard by. Thank you!

Dianna 2/27/2020
I was very happy with Easy traffic School. I called to ask a question and they were very informative and nice. The course was easy to understand and very informative. I even learned a few things I didnt know. Thank you Easy Traffic School for making this a painless task!

Keiko 2/26/2020
Thanks for making this easy to complete

Roberta 2/25/2020
I was confused on the open book part because when I had to refresh real quick I had to start test over again

Melanie 2/24/2020
It took a long time, but 2 months is an appropriate time frame to complete the material and exam.

Shahraam 2/24/2020
Theres a section header with a mistake where an adjective is used in place of an adverb and it bothered me, but I cant remember which section, just add "LY" to the end of that title please, grammar is bad enough in this country.

Cecilia  2/24/2020
Thank you so much for providing such a valuable material that will help me prevent future accidents.

Xochitl V 2/23/2020
Fast and easy. lots of great material

Alejandra 2/23/2020
Very practical, better than I expected!

Katelyne 2/22/2020
Good traffic course

David 2/22/2020
The course was easy to follow and the website was very user-friendly.

James 2/22/2020
Hi, This site asked for my date of birth. My correct date of birth is 3/6/75, however, the officer and court have my date of birth as attached to this violation as 3/23/75. So there may be trouble matching this traffic school certificate to the violation. If so, try the incorrect date of birth.

Amy 2/21/2020
This course was very thorough and I learned a lot I would recommend it to others.

Mariah 2/21/2020
Great experience, great price

Carolyn 2/21/2020
Quick and easy. Great customer service!

Boualiane  2/20/2020
I liked the email reminders.

Carolyn 2/20/2020
Excellent customer service...fast and easy

Alejandra 2/19/2020
Great course! Better than I expected

Mary 2/19/2020
Its a good course and I would recommend it to others- MB

Mohamed 2/19/2020
This was a very educational tool and was easy to use.

Maricel 2/19/2020
Great refresher course

Matthew 2/19/2020
Move font size selection buttons to the top of the page.

Omar 2/18/2020
Please make it shorter and more concise. The lesson tends to repeat. I am all for repeating information to memorize, but it was redundant when going through the different lessons. I understand that they tend to relate to each other, but it was excessive. That is all.

Corina 2/17/2020
Great experience overall. User friendly and easy to navigate.

Bill 2/17/2020
Xlnt Course Materials

Andrew 2/17/2020
Great program!

Ana 2/16/2020
Good school!

William 2/15/2020
The information needs to be updated - cell phone fine $ 20 information for 2011 or 2012 it is 2020 it would have been nice to have updated information

Dakota 2/14/2020
It was great.

Kevin 2/14/2020
Good coursea

Robert 2/14/2020
Someone must review this material and correct the many typos.

Amnon 2/13/2020
Excellent and highly informative course. Great pedagogical techniques!!!

Joyce 2/13/2020
Had a great experience w/ the course and test, hope the rest of the final paperwork submission process is correct and smooth.

Gilbert 2/13/2020
Very pleased to have taken this course. Thank you!

Neal 2/12/2020
In sec 1.3 recent trafic law update; discuss laws in effect jan 1, 2019. Its 2020, wished this was updated

Matthew 2/11/2020
Awesome course, convenient but very thorough and informative. It educated me and refreshed my knowledge of laws, driving procedures and etiquette.

Sylvia 2/11/2020
Great and informative

Joanthony 2/10/2020

Noehly 2/10/2020
This was my first time doing an online traffic school and was very impressed with breakdown of each section and made it easily accessible. Overall great experienced

Azadeh 2/10/2020
The courses were very informative.

Natalie 2/10/2020
It was straightforward and simple.

Susan 2/9/2020

Quang 2/9/2020
Great information to learn

Juan 2/9/2020
Course was easy to navigate. Thank you.

Greg 2/8/2020
Thanks, while this was necessary it was also informative and useful.

Jennifer 2/8/2020
Loved this course

Jose 2/8/2020
Thank you so much! Best Course!›=

Vicente 2/7/2020
The online course was informative, and easy to follow...

Michelle 2/6/2020
This test was very informative.

Elessar 2/6/2020
Great Class!

Martin 2/6/2020
Clear and easy course to learn from!

Alvaro 2/5/2020
The course was easy and user friendly.

Ricardo 2/4/2020
Very easy and extremely useful material.

Christine 2/4/2020
Enjoyed course

Erik 2/4/2020
Great class, a little confusing at first.

Rafael 2/4/2020
Thank you, very helpful!

Ramon 2/3/2020
Great resolvement to a horrible ordeal for an out of state driver with a California ticket.

Krystal 2/2/2020
Very simple process. Taking this course should be required for all drivers every few years. I was able to learn many things that werent clear especially since I was first licensed in another state.

Roman 2/1/2020
Thanks i have learned a lot.

Tammy  1/31/2020
Great course. Thank you!

Sally 1/31/2020
Thanks. This was a very informative Course and the information was presented in a user friendly way.

Monika 1/31/2020
Great program! Learned a lot.

Carlos 1/30/2020
Font size and text was somewhat disproportioned but still able to read and understand my studies

Gina 1/30/2020
Awesome n easy! Thanks

Monika 1/30/2020
Great course! I learned alot!

Deakin 1/29/2020
Great Convenient Course, and good material.

Ryan 1/29/2020
Great traffic school, would use again.

Yenju 1/28/2020
Love this online course!!

Elliott  1/27/2020
This was the best online class to take! Thank you

Mckinsie 1/27/2020
This was a great way to re-fresh my driving knowledge in an easy-to-understand-way that will benefit my driving in the future.

Gersain 1/27/2020
Great course!

Mikal 1/26/2020
The Course was easy to understand and very informative and reminding of all the important things to know.

Gary 1/25/2020
Great Time, thanks

Caroline  1/24/2020
The course is easy to comprehend. I actually learned rules that were useful, and rules that were specific for given situations.

Everett 1/24/2020
Excellent on-line course

Shanna 1/23/2020
This course was very informative and pretty easy to complete! For warning though, there are a lot of grammatical errors and missing words...

Deborah 1/23/2020
Great course. Good information without being overwhelming.

Arthur 1/21/2020
The entire experience was satisfactory. The instructor responded when called All Questions were answered timely and satisfactorily

Jaxon 1/21/2020
It was really easy

Agnes 1/19/2020
The lessons presented were like a very good review of the traffic rules and regulations. I even learned more about cars and road safety. Thank you for the gentleman who answered my call late at night to help me with my Groupon issue.

Frances 1/19/2020
Very Helpful and Very Good. However, it doesnt work checking back on answers one is unsure of, youd need a table of contents or something to make the time to check reasonable, just knew the answers, usually.

Shakuntala 1/18/2020
Its a good course with easy and detailed instructions. I enjoyed the course. Thanks a lot.

Richard 1/18/2020
Thank you for letting me take my traffic school online, for its convenient and easy for me since I work graveyard. Thanks

Jeff 1/16/2020
Thanks for the class

Sheena 1/16/2020
The lesson review would not let me review sections past 9.1. Question number 21 should be worded differently. The answer would be a minimum of 5 days but because that was not an answer I used my best guess as to being 30 days. Overall pleased with the ease and the information provided with this class. Thank you

Skyler 1/16/2020
This school made it easy to understand and learn the course. I would recommend this course to any one needing to complete traffic school in California.

Cristina 1/16/2020
It was hassle-free and convenient. Covered a lot of useful info too.

Paul 1/15/2020
Great course, learned a lot.

Ben  1/15/2020
Straightforward and easy to navigate. Will definitely recommend to others.

Joanna 1/15/2020
Easy, fast and efficient. Thanks for creating such a convenient online course. After working for 10 hours, I was able to complete this right after a long days work.

Lisa 1/15/2020
Excellent customer service & course.

Carla 1/15/2020
Great content. Very easy to read. Appreciate the font +/- function and the pictures are a little outdated but helped keep focus.

Hannah 1/14/2020
Wonderful and hassle-free course. Thank you!

Steven 1/14/2020
Thanks easy online traffic school.

Susan 1/13/2020
Great online course. Thank you!

Angela 1/12/2020

Stephen 1/11/2020
Extensive and quite useful. Thank you.

Marvin 1/10/2020
Great format and easy to follow.

Joel 1/10/2020
This course was simple and had great information. I would recommend this course!

Gloria 1/9/2020
Great and easy online traffic school. It was great to be able to leave a come back to where I left at previously.

Ronald 1/8/2020
Informative !

Ceasar 1/8/2020
Losing my test answers to go to the open book option was frustrating.

Evangelina 1/8/2020
I learned a lot and hope to be more conscientious, safe and contagiously positive defensive driver.

Coy 1/7/2020

Laurie 1/7/2020
Easy and quick!

Paka 1/7/2020

Alexis 1/6/2020
It was fast, easy, and clear!

Jeffrey 1/6/2020
The course was very repetitive making it difficult to not lose interest and continue to pay attention.

John 1/6/2020

Robert 1/5/2020
Great Program!

Yumi 1/5/2020
Once you adjust the font size for a page they should remain the same size as you continue through the course.

Emmanuel 1/5/2020
Learned a lot

Kevin 1/3/2020
I liked it.

Gary 1/1/2020
Good school, easy to understand and navigate.
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